For each verb in capitals, write ‘’Full Verb’’ or ‘’Auxiliary Verb’’ in the space provided.

eg: a) She’ll help you. She HAS lots of free
Time.  Full Verb
 b) We’D like to have tea. Auxiliary Verb 

 1-DOES  your husband help you with the
 housework ?_____________________

2-Who DOES the cleaning in your house?_____________

3-I DID my homework on time._________________________

4-DID you see the film called ‘’Sliding Doors’’?__________

5-Where WERE the twins yesterday?________________

6-They WERE visiting their friends._____________________

7-We HAVE a big garden full of roses.__________________

8-We HAVE made cookies and a cake for the guests.

9-Sue IS my cousin._____________

10-She  IS going to play tennis this afternoon. __________