Underline the right answers

eg David lives in a small town called Newton. He lives/has lived /is living/was living there for many years. Newton is small but it is growing/grows/was growing/grew quickly and one day it will be/can be /has been/was a big city with much/every/a lot of/a few big buildings. David went/go/has gone/goes to a school near his home. He like/is liking/likes/liking his school now/when/because/that he has many friends there and the teachers is/are/shall be/were helpful and friendly. David is having/have/had/has two brothers but they left/leave/are leaving/have left school and they are working. One called/calling/is called/calls Harry. He work/working/works/worker in an office. David’s more/another/different/other brother’s name is Jim. He worked/works/has worked/is working in a shop when he first left school but he not like/unlike/was not liking/did not like the work and now he repairing/repairs/repair/repaired cars. He thinks the work is very enjoying/enjoyed/enjoys/enjoyable.