Supply the correct tense

    1. I’m afraid Mr. Worth _______________ (not/be) available at the moment. He _____________ (talk) to a customer on the other phone.
    2. Carol ____________ (run) in a lot of races so far, but she __________________ (never/win) one.
    3. We’re going to pick the tomatoes when they ____________ (be) red.
    4. The Gediz ___________ (flow) into the Aegean Sea.
    5. I know you ____________ (not/listen)! You ___________ (think) about your job again-you _____________ (be) a complete workaholic!
    6. -Would you like something to eat?
      -No, thanks. I  ____________ (just, have) lunch.
    7. - _________________________ (you, see) any good films recently?
      -Yes, I _____________ (watch) Mel Gibson’s latest film last Friday.
    8. -What _____________ (you/do) when you ____________ (hear) the fire alarm?
      We _____________ (run) out of the office. Turgay ___________ (jump) out of the window and ___________ (hurt) his back. He ___________(be) in bed since  then.
    9. - What’s that terrible smell?
      - I ______________ (think) Dave ______________ (smoke) a cigar in the corridor.
    10. - Oh dear, I ___________ (leave) my bag upstairs.
        - It’s OK. I ____________ (go) and ____________ (bring) it.
    11. Unfortunately, Mr. Dawson __________________ (not/recover) yet. How long _______________(he/be) in hospital?
    12. -  ____________________ (you/ever/eat) güllaç?
          - Yes, it ___________ (be) delicious.
    13. – Why _______________ (Ali/wear) a suit and a tie today? He ______________
          (usually/wear) jeans to school.
         - He ______________ (talk) to the Dean this afternoon.
         - Really? _______________ (he/speak) about his scholarship?
    14. I _____________ (know) Cemre since ________________ (she/be) six. By the way, How old ____________ (be) she now?
    15. Don’t worry about the room. I ______________ (tidy) it up before mum ____________ (get) home back.

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