Read the following passage and answer the questions

It was very foggy day in London. Mr Smith  arrived from Edinburgh to go to a very important meeting , but no buses or taxis were running because the drivers were not able to see more than a yard in front of them. It was nine o’clock , and his meeting was not till ten , so he thought that he would walk to the office where it was going to be. But when he looked out into the street , he saw that nobody was even trying to walk anywhere.

While he was standing there , saying unpleasant things about the fog , and thinking that he would have to telephone to the office and say that he was not able to come , a young man came up to him and said , “Sir , If you want to go somewhere , I can guide you.”

Mr Smith was very surprised and said , “How can you find the way when there is thick fog everywhere?”

“Do not worry , sir , “answered the young man. “Trust me.” So Mr. Smith told the young man where he wanted to go , took his arm , and they started. They walked quite fast , turning corners and crossing roads in various places. At last Mr. Smith thought , “Perhaps this man is mad , or a thief.” Perhaps I shall finish up dead in the river.” But a minute later , the young man stopped and said , “Here is the place , sir.” Mr. Smith was surprised to find that he really reached the office he was looking for. He gave the young  man a pound and then said , “How did you find the way in the fog?”

“I ‘m blind , sir, “answered the young man, “but I know London well , and It is exactly the same for me in the fog”.


Put  ONE  word into the blanks from the passage.

The ___________________ of buses and taxis were not able to find their way.

The ___________________ stopped all the traffic in London on that day.

Mr. Smith didn’t ___________________ the young man because he thought that he was mad or a thief.

The young man   ___________________ Mr. Smith and showed him the way.

The ___________________ man was able to find his way.

Mr. Smith was very worried because he would be late for the meeting.

He said  _______________ things about the weather.

When they reached the     __________________ building , Mr.

Smith was very __________________ because they were there on time.

The fog was  very __________________ and nobody was even trying to walk anywhere.