Read the advertisement and match the headings (1-6) to the paragraphs (A-G). There is an example at the beginning.

A   Looking for a weekend away with a difference? Do you enjoy meeting people and making friends? Then you should try the Victorian Palace Hotel, and spend a few days living like pople did two hundred years ago.
B   The Victorian Palace Hotel has rooms for over 200 guests. Each room has its own toilet and bath, but no TV- we haven’t invented it yet!
C   Enjoy traditional Victorian Food! Our master chefs prepare and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner just like your great grandmother did. Eat in Victorian Style and then relax in the game’s room, where you can meet and talk to people who share the same interests.
D   How about a picnic? The Victorian Palace Hotel has beautiful gardens all around it, where you can enjoy a sandwich lunch by the lake, or just have a pleasant afternoon walk.
E    And, in our special dance hall, our band plays Victorian music every night.
F    If you want to remember your visit forever, visit our Victorian shopping center, where you can buy handmade souvenirs, postcards, photo albums or even Victorian dresses.
G   A visit to the Victorian Palace Hotel is an unforgettable experience! Live up your winter or summer holidays with an entertaining Journey back in time.

1 Introduction                            __________
2 Shopping                                __________
3 Recommendation                   __________
4 Evening entertainment             _________
5 Eating                                    __________
6 Description of guest rooms     __________