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The Trunk in the Attic

Last month grandmother asked me if I could help her to clean out her attic. 

I was happy that she asked me. 

grandmother says that her attic is full of junk. 

I think that her attic is full of treasures. 

I helped her to dust and vacuum the attic. 

I pulled and pushed around boxes and crates. 

I helped her to wash the floors and walls. 

favorite thing that I did was to sort through the old trunk that she had up there. 

The trunk had a rusty latch on it. 

It was a bit difficult to open, but grandmother got a knife and pried the latch open. 

The trunk was full of all kinds of things. 

There were lots of clothes. 

Some of the clothes had been grandmother's. 

There was a blue velvet dress that she had worn to a dance when she and grandfather were dating. 

It was a beautiful dress, but there were a few moth holes in it. 

There were some of mother's old clothes. 

There was a pair of bell-bottom slacks that had bright flowers on it. 

I couldn't believe that mother had ever worn something like that. 

There were some of mother's old report cards. 

Some of her marks weren't very good. 

I had fun reading the report cards. 

There were photographs. 

There was a picture of grandparents holding mother when she was a baby. 

There was an old baseball glove that one of uncles had owned. 

There was even one of old dolls in there. 

One of her legs was missing. 

grandmother said that I was rough with dolls when I was little. 

I should have taken better care of toys. 

There was even some old jewellery.

I tried on some of the old clothes and jewellery. 

I told grandmother that I liked looking through old things. 

grandmother told me to keep whatever I wanted. 

She said that it was all junk. 

I still say that the trunk was full of treasures.