Practice listening and speaking English for daily communication – The Bedroom

Improve your ability to speak English

The Bedroom

bed is nice and soft. 

I have a pretty bedspread on bed. 

I have sheets and a blanket on bed also. 

I use two feather pillows. 

pillows have pillowcases on them. 

dresser has a mirror on it. 

I have a lamp on top of dresser. 

I also have some picture frames with pictures of friends and family on top of dresser. 

There is an alarm clock beside bed so that I can wake up on time in the morning. 

I keep many clothes in dresser drawers. 

The drawers are nice and deep. 

closet is large. 

It is a walk-in closet. 

I have clothes hanging in closet. 

All of clothes are hung on hangers. 

shoes are all lined up on the floor of closet. 

There are shelves at the top of closet. 

I keep games up there. 

There is a rug on bedroom floor. 

bedroom window looks out over the back yard. 

There are curtains on bedroom window. 

bedroom is very cozy. 

At night, I turn off the lamp and get under the covers. 

I set alarm clock for seven o'clock. 

I lay head on the pillow, and I fall asleep.