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Summer Jobs

In North America, many young people attend high school, college, or university.

But during the summer months, most of those students work at a summer job. 

For most students, there are no classes during the months of July and August, and

sometimes none in May and June also.

Having a summer job allows students to make money that they will need during the rest of the year.

They need this money because it costs a lot of money to pay for university or college.

Of course, students also want money to spend on things that are fun, also. 

Many students have summer jobs that involve working with children.

For example, some students work at children's camps, where they teach children various skills and games.

Some students work as lifeguards, at swimming pools and at beaches. 

Some students do heavy work in their summer jobs.

For example, some students find jobs as construction workers.

Other students work in factories, and some students work on farms.

There are other students who find jobs mowing lawns or collecting trash. 

Quite a few students work in stores.

Some of these students have jobs as cashiers, and some have jobs putting products on store shelves.

Other students work in restaurants, as waiters or as cooks. 

Other students work in offices.

Some of them work as assistants for other employees.

Their tasks might include typing letters, programming computers, or delivering mail. 

Some students enjoy their summer jobs very much, and they find those jobs to be a pleasant break from studying.

Other students do not really enjoy summer jobs, but find their jobs to be a nice way to make new friends.

But nearly all students who have summer jobs are pleased to have the chance to earn some extra money.

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