Practice listening and speaking English for daily communication – Early Morning

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Early Morning

“Yawn!” I am so tired.

I don't like getting up in the morning.

I wish I could sleep in until noon.

mom has to come into room and shake feet.

“Get up, you lazy girl!” she says,

“It's time to rise and shine. It's a beautiful day!”

I raise head, mumble and turn over, putting pillow over head.

mom yanks pillow from off head and starts tickling me.

“Okay, I'll get up!” I shriek.

The sun is so bright that I squint. I think I will go outside and play.

I can't wait to get up now.

mom cooks me breakfast.

I have eggs, bacon, toast and orange juice.     

When I finish breakfast.

I brush teeth, comb hair, wash face and then change into play clothes.

I choose a bright pink and yellow tank top with jean shorts and blue sandals. 

bike is in the garage where dad keeps the cars and tools.

As I pedal, hair flies out behind me!

I keep mouth shut so that bugs don't get in! I am going down a big hill now.

I can hardly pedal anymore.

legs are moving so fast.

I hang onto handle bars tightly.

I don't want to fall off! 

I finally am able to slow down as the road becomes level.

I turn a corner and decide to go back home.

I realize I now have to ride up the hill!

I know I will be tired when I get to the top.

I think that I will have some water now before I start to go up.

Mmmm, it tastes great! 

It is so clean and cold.

Well, I know that I have a big trip ahead of me, so I need to get going!


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