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A Ghost

One dark and gloo night, I was sitting in bedroom reading ghost stories. 

The stories were very scary. 

A storm was brewing outside window. 

The wind began to howl, and the trees shook and bent in the wind. 

Lightening started to flash across the sky. 

I felt uneasy as I heard the low rumble of thunder. 

I glanced around room. 

The shadows were deep and dark. 

The ghost stories were making imagination play tricks on me. 

I thought that the shadows were moving. 

I looked under bed to make sure that nothing was under there. 

I hid under the covers and peeked out. 

I was starting to hear things. 

A big streak of lightening flashed across the sky, and a loud clap of thunder made me jump. 

I was very nervous. 

All of a sudden, I heard a noise. 

It was coming from closet. 

I thought that it must be a ghost. 

I looked out from under covers and waited for the ghost to appear. 

face was white, and I was very, very scared. 

Then, I heard the noise again. 

Yes, there was definitely a rustling in closet. 

I stayed very still and did not make a sound. 

I watched the closet and hoped that the ghost would not come flying out at me. 

Something started to come out of the closet. 

I squeezed eyes shut. 

I didn't dare to look at the ghost. 

I heard it come out of the closet. 

I felt it jump up on bed. 

I was still too scared to look. 

Then the ghost made a noise. 

It said, “meow.” 

I opened eyes and saw kitten standing there. 

It was kitten that had made the rustling noises in the closet. 

I laughed and felt very foolish. 

I have decided not to read ghost stories on dark stor nights. 

I think imagination plays tricks on me when I read ghost stories on nights like that.