Listening Practice Through Dictation Level 4 – Topic: Travel and Transport

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M:   Hey, Sheena! I haven’t seen you for ages. What’s new? Where are you going with all those suitcases?
W:   Hi Mark, it’s been a while since the last time we ran into each other! I’m bringing these suitcases home to pack because family is preparing to move across the bay to Port Anderson.
M:   Really? How are you going to transport all your furniture?
W:   I’m not sure. I considered hiring a moving van, but someone told me it might be more convenient to rent a huge container and ship everything across. The details are a bit complicated because we’ve got so many boxes!
M:   Well, when sister and brother-in-law moved to Dallas last year, they sent all their furniture and heavy items by cargo flight. They hauled it there on a massive cargo plane, then rented a truck and picked it up at the airport after they arrived.
W:   That’s interesting, but the problem is that we have so much junk, we might need two cargo planes!
M:   Well, however you get it there, it sounds like you’ll need help once you get it to the other side. I’ve got a friend there who owns a self-serve truck company. He can rent you a truck at a discount rate. Which day are you moving?
W:   Next Saturday.
M:   I’m free that day, so I’ll help you out! I’ve still got small truck, so I can haul some stuff for you, too.
W:   Thanks, Mark. That would be great!

Wear Your Seat Belt!

G :   Some people think the government should require passengers by law to wear seat belts in cars and taxis. They say that seat belts save lives and money. Statistics show that 60 percent of people killed in car accidents were not wearing seat belts. Statistics also show that most people who wear seat belts survive. In the past 30 years, seat belts have saved almost $600 billion in medical costs. The average car accident costs $820 for each person in the United States. Some states require people to wear seat belts. In those states, about 80 percent of the passengers follow the law.
However, other people think it’s wrong to require seat belt use by law. They say that passengers should decide for themselves. Many of these people agree that seat belts save lives, but they don’t think the government has the right to force people to wear them. They point out that smoking cigarettes is also unhealthy. But the government lets adults smoke if they want to. Leaders cannot force people to do what’s good, they argue. It’s better to educate people so they will want to wear seat belts.
Those who want seat belt laws say that the right to public safety is more important than
the individual’s right to free choice. But their opponents say people must be careful to protect their individual rights. They should decide how to live their lives, not the government. What is your opinion on this?

Going on Vacation

W:   Hey, Carl, I’m surprised to see you here! Jere told me that you were on vacation.
M:   Hi, Shelly. We were visiting some relatives in Sydney, but we returned last night.
W:   Oh, I’ve wanted to go to Australia ever since I was little! Tell me what it was like.
M:   It was fantastic! We fed kangaroos, walked through rainforests, and swam in the ocean. What was really great was when we took a train to Brisbane to see the Great Barrier Reef.
W:   I’ve heard that flights to Australia are pretty expensive.
M:    dad knows someone who works for Qantas Airlines, so we were able to get a good deal. The tickets were only $800 per person for a round trip.
W:   Wow, that is a good deal! When we went on vacation to Bangkok last year, it cost $1,000 for a round trip ticket, and Thailand’s closer than Australia.
M:   What did you like best about Thailand?
W:   Well, the food was delicious, and riding elephants was exciting, but I’d have to say that the beach was the best part. The only unpleasant part of the trip was after we got home, when we found out that the airline had lost some of our luggage. father’s suitcase and sister’s backpack were missing.
M:   So, the airline lost two pieces of luggage? How long did it take you to get them back?
W:   Three days, but the good news is that when they finally found them, they delivered them right to our front door.

Traveling by Airplane

B :   Airplane travelers can choose between three kinds of tickets: first class, business class, and econo class. Most people buy econo class tickets. They are cheaper, so travelers can go to more places more often. Business class is more expensive, with good seats and good service. First class is very expensive, but offers very comfortable seats and excellent service.
In econo class, the seats are small and close together. There is not much leg room. In first class, the seats are huge and wider apart. There is lots of room for passengers to stretch their legs. Econo class passengers usually must all watch the same movie. First class passengers have their own TVs, and each person can watch different movies. Econo class passengers eat cheaper food. First class passengers are served delicious, fresh food. It is difficult to sleep in econo class because of the small seats and all the noise. In first class, the large seats can be pushed back to make a comfortable bed. There is a curtain between sections, so it is nice and quiet.
Econo class is a good choice for short flights within the same country. Business class or first class is a good choice for business travelers taking an international flight across an ocean. These people often have to get off the plane and go right to work. For them, it is important to arrive fresh, rested, and ready for a full, exciting day.

A Family Cruise

G :   Family Cruise Line is offering a new, exciting cruise that the whole family can enjoy! We have a special deal for families all year round on our Family Caribbean Cruise. This special one-week cruise leaves from Miami, Florida and stops at six fantastic Caribbean islands. There is so much for the entire family to see and do!
On board, we have a variety of great food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We also have lots of interesting and fun activities. There are music and dance shows every evening. We have a movie theater and a KTV bar. For kids, we have shows each day with their favorite TV friends like Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Elmo. Playing with television characters isn’t the only activity children will enjoy. They can play volleyball, swim in one of our three huge pools, or take dancing and art classes. There’s so much variety, the kids can try a new activity each day. Mom and Dad can join them, or rest in lounge chairs on our wide ship deck.
On shore, you can shop, swim, and enjoy fresh food while you learn all about island life. With four to seven hours on shore each day, you’ll have plenty of time to explore each island. Does this sound exciting? It is! So, when it’s time to plan your next vacation, remember Family Cruise Line. It will be a trip your family will never forget!

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