Listening Practice Through Dictation Level 3 – Topic: People and Work

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The Assignment

B :   Hello Wendy! Who did you do your homework about?
G :   I wrote about dad because he is a firefighter.
B :   Really? Does he actually go into burning buildings?
G :   Yes, and he sometimes has to crawl into tight places to rescue people.
B :   Has he ever been trapped in a burning building?
G :   Well, one time he needed to break down a door. He was carrying a little girl out of her house. Someone left the stove on, and it ignited a fire in the kitchen.
B :   Was everyone all right?
G :   All five people living there escaped safely, but the house burned to the ground.
B :   Your dad is incredibly brave, a real hero. What does he do at the fire station?
G :   He resides there for a few days when he works. All of the firefighters cook, eat, and clean together. When there’s a fire, they slide down a pole into the fire station’s garage to get their fire-fighting equipment. They quickly put on their gear and then jump onto the fire trucks. dad loves to drive the fire trucks.
B :   Wow! Maybe I should be a firefighter someday.
G :   I’m definitely going to be a firefighter, Ian. I want to be just like dad.

CoCo Lee

G : Ferren Lee’s mother hoped her daughter would follow in her footsteps and become a doctor. However, Ferren always knew she wanted to sing.
In her spare time, Ferren sang along with pop songs. Ferren also entered singing contests. She won many competitions. Her big break came after high school. She was on vacation in Hong Kong and took second place in an important singing competition. She got a recording contract with Fancy Pie Records, and, a few years later, Sony.
Today, CoCo Lee, as she is now known, is one of the most famous pop singers in the world. She was born in Hong Kong on January 17, 1975, but she was raised in San Francisco. She has made records in English and Chinese. Her 1998 album, DiDaDi, won the MTV Asia music award for best album and best music video. CoCo’s next album was in English. It was called Just No Other Way. It introduced her to American audiences.
Apart from her beautiful voice and stunning looks, CoCo Lee is intelligent. She had a 3.8
grade-point average in college. She also earned a double major in bio-chemistry and bio-science. One of her dreams, she says, is to help find a cure for cancer.
Who knows? CoCo’s mother may yet get her wish.

A Blind Date

W:   What’s wrong, Mike? You appear to be depressed.
M:   I haven’t slept in days, and I feel awful. fiancée and I broke up just before I went to Madrid for the concert.
W:   Why didn’t you say something? No wonder your playing sounded so bad. Oh dear, I’m really sorry.
M:   It was an appalling performance, I agree. I was miserable and unhappy, but I had to perform, anyway.
W:   Have you been seeing anyone else since you broke up with her?
M:   No, I have been working overtime instead. The conductor was not pleased with last performance. Besides, don’t you think it’s too soon?
W:   Not at all. You might just need to get out and socialize. Hey, I’ve got a fabulous idea!
M:   Oh no, not another one of your ideas. What is it this time?
W:   Do you remember me telling you about Julia, a friend from work?
M:   I think so. Why?
W:   Well, she is single. I could set up the two of you.
M:   A blind date? I tried that when I was younger, and it was a disaster.
W:   Come on, Mike. I’d be helping two friends who will, of course, have a great time together. She has a charming personality, and she also plays the oboe. You can go to the concert in the park on Saturday afternoon. Maybe you can have coffee afterwards.
M:   She plays the oboe? OK. Let me know when and where to meet her.

Crime Does Not Pay

B :   Have you ever thought about committing a crime? Have you ever dreamed about holding up a bank and driving away in a fast car? Or, have you ever thought about taking a famous painting from a big museum?
There are many stories in movies and on TV of criminals who make a lot of money. They go on to live a life of luxury. However, for every successful criminal, there are many, many more who fail. These crooks soon regret their crimes.
Take the example of a man in Winnipeg who tried to break into cars in a police acade parking lot. The man was found by the police in the parking lot. They saw him trying to open the doors of all the cars. The man was hoping to find some loose change, or maybe take some good car stereos.
However, he did not know that he was being watched by police officers. He chose the parking lot because it was in a very quiet area. He thought that no one would see him. He was soon arrested by the police. A foolish criminal like this man shows us that crime does not pay.

A Job Interview

M:   Hello, Ms. Jones? Please, come in and sit down.
W:   Thank you.
M:   So, you’re applying for the position of computer technician.
W:   Yes, that’s right.
M:    name is Mr. Smith, and I will be interviewing you today.
W:   Nice to meet you.
M:   Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
W:   As résumé shows, I graduated from Leeds University with a Computer Science degree. During junior and senior years, I worked part time as a computer lab monitor in the university. As part of that job, I helped students with PC and desktop application problems and did hardware and software maintenance. I also taught a weekly one-hour class on how to use Microsoft Office applications.
M:   How would you describe yourself?
W:   I really enjoy problem solving, and I’m hardworking. I’m also very organized, so when I have a lot of problems to deal with, I make a list and work through it from the most to the least urgent. That way, I can get everything done within the set deadlines.
M:   That’s a good way to manage your time. Just one more question. Why do you want to work for us?
W:   Your company is well-known, and is respected in the computer industry. I would really like a chance to be part of your company.
M:   OK. Thank you for coming in. I’ll be in touch.
W:   Thank you. Goodbye.

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