Listening Practice Through Dictation Level 2 – Topic: Science and Technology

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Flying Cars

M:   Listen to this! This newspaper article says that some scientists are working on a new kind of airplane. People can use these “flying cars” for short trips.
W:   How interesting!
M:   The article says the first flying car might be ready within the next few years.
W:   That’s quite soon! How would this flying car work? Can anybody use one, or is it only for people who know how to fly airplanes?
M:   You don’t need to be an airplane pilot to use a flying car. The article says there would be a computer inside the car that would know where you want to go. The driver does not need to control the car unless something goes wrong.
W:   Does the article say how much a flying car would cost? It will probably cost too much money! We would not be able to afford one.
M: True, but wouldn’t it be nice to fly over traffic jams, instead of sitting in the middle of them?
W: Yes. But then we might end up with traffic jams in the sky!

The Perfect Gift

W:   Hello, and welcome to Robuck’s. How may I help you?
M:   I would like to buy wife a home appliance for her birthday.
W:   What sort of appliance are you looking for, sir?
M:   I think a dishwasher might be the perfect gift because it will help with the housework.
W:   Oh yes, dishwashers are very useful. This one here is our most popular model.
M:   How does it work?
W:   It’s very simple. First, collect your dirty dishes and scrape off the leftover food into the garbage can. Then, rinse the dishes in the sink. Put glasses, cups, and cutlery on the top rack. Plates, bowls, and pots go face down on the bottom rack. Then, fill this compartment with detergent and close the door. Next, choose the wash cycle, and finally, press the start button. You’ll have sparkling clean dishes in 45 minutes!
M:   That sounds easy to use. I think wife will really like it. How much does it cost?
W:   You’re lucky, sir! It’s on sale this week for $400.
M:   Great, I’ll take it!


B :   Acupuncture began in China thousands of years ago. It is a special way to treat sick people.
There are many acupuncture spots on the human body. Small metal needles are put into spots on the body. Each spot is connected to a special body part or system. There are many spots for each part.
An expert puts the needles into these spots in a person’s body. These spots connect to the body system that has a problem. The needles do not go deep. People say that the needles do not hurt.
We are not sure why acupuncture works. But studies have shown that it works very well. No one can explain why. Doctors think that it helps the nerves in the body. Some doctors use acupuncture to treat people who cannot take medicine.
People in Asia have been using this special method for a long time. At first, people outside Asia did not trust this method. They did not think that it would help them. Now, it has become very popular around the world.

Albert Einstein

B :   Albert Einstein is famous around the world. He is famous for his work in science. Many people think that he was the greatest scientist of the 20th century.
Einstein was born in Germany in 1879. His interest in science began when he was very
young. Someone gave him a compass in 1884. Young Einstein was interested in how it worked. He wanted to learn science. He wanted to become a scientist.
Einstein tried to enter a top Swiss university. At first, he met with failure. He did not get a place. But Einstein did not give up easily. He applied again to the same university in the next year. This time he was successful. Einstein was a good student. He graduated from this famous university in 1896.
As a scientist, Einstein did important work in the field of physics. His work was very good. He received the Nobel Prize for physics in 1921. In 1933, he went to live in the United States with his wife.

The Telescope

G :   Come and look at the telescope I got for birthday.
B :   That’s neat!
G :   Yeah, now we can look at the moon. Did you know that the moon is the Earth’s only natural satellite?
B :   No, I didn’t know that. I thought the moon was a planet.
G :   Well, a planet moves around the sun, but a satellite moves around a planet.
B :   Oh, I see. Can you see other planets with your telescope?
G :   Sure, I can see two planets close to Earth really well.
B :   Which planet is closest to Earth?
G :   Mars is the closest planet to Earth. Many scientists believe that Mars once had rivers and oceans just like Earth. Mars has two moons.
B :   That’s cool! What is the other planet near Earth?
G :   The other planet near Earth is Venus, but Venus has no moons.
B :   Do you think people will ever be able to visit Mars or Venus?
G :   Maybe someday people will be able to visit Mars, but not Venus because it’s too hot.
B :   Well, at least we can see them with your new telescope!

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