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Blood Types

G :   Thanks for meeting with me today, Professor. I don’t understand last week’s lecture on blood types. Could you please explain it to me?
M:   No problem, Angela. First, let’s see what you do understand. Can you tell me about blood types?
G :   There are four types of blood: A, B, AB, and O.
M:   Good! How is your blood type determined?
G :   You get your blood type from both your parents. Your blood type is a combination of genes from your father and your mother.
M:   That’s right.
G :   Before the lecture, I always thought that all blood was the same. Why can’t two different blood types mix?
M:   In some ways, every person’s blood is the same. But it is very dangerous to mix two different blood types. Your blood cells may begin to stick together. If you are given the wrong type of blood in a hospital, you could die.
G :   I see. So, that’s why blood types must be matched in the hospital. And this must be done before blood is given to anyone.
M:   Exactly!

The Car Ride

B :   Mom, Danielle’s on side of the car again. Tell her to move over!
W:   Listen, both of you, I’ve had enough of your nonsense. Sit still, be quiet, and enjoy the scenery!
G :   Mom, is Toronto still far away?
W:   It’s going to take a long time to get there, so read your book.
G :   I don’t like to read in the car because it gives me a headache. Can we put a CD in?
W:   I suppose so, but it had better not be rap music. That music is awful, and I can’t believe you children actually listen to it.
B :   Oh, please, can we play some rap music? You might like it, Mom.
W:   Well, only if you promise that there is no bad language in it.
B :   There isn’t any bad language, I promise!
W:   All right, I’ll play the CD, but it will be at the volume I choose.
B :   Thanks, Mom.
W:   Have I ever told you about the songs I liked at your age? People listened to real music in those days.
G :   Oh, Mom! Rap is real music, too!

The Report

B :   I finished report on the French Revolution last night.
G :   How did you finish it so fast? I’m still trying to find books about it.
B :   There was something about the French Revolution on TV last week. I wrote down the names of all the people who were on the show.
G :   What did you do next?
B :   I went to the library and looked for their books. It was very easy, especially because I already understood what they wanted to say.
G :   I guess I could have done that, but I missed the TV show. Why did Ms. Dessard make us write about French history, anyway? She’s a French language teacher, not a history teacher.
B :   Ms. Dessard said that if we want to understand the language, we should understand the culture. I don’t know if I speak better French, but I know more about French history now. If the French Revolution had never happened, French would be a very different language.
G :   You’re right. I’m going to talk to Ms. Dessard now. I’ll see you later.

Home Schools

M:   There are many kinds of schools for many kinds of students. One kind of school is the home school. Home schools are exactly that-schools at home.
Parents choose to home school their children for many reasons. Some people feel that public schools are too dangerous. Some people think that the level of education is too low. Some parents do not approve of the subjects their children learn in public schools. If parents choose to home school their children, they must be ready to teach them
There are many benefits to home schooling. Home schools are very small. There are just one or two students. The student’s mother or father is the teacher. Another benefit is that students can study interesting things.
Some people think that home schooling is not good for students. They believe public schools teach children discipline. They feel that public schools give a sense of community. In the end, parents must decide if home schooling is the right choice for their children.

Big Brother

G :   So, how does it feel to have a new baby brother in the house?
B :   It’s really exciting, but not as easy as I thought it would be, because the baby cries constantly. I love baby brother, but I don’t like all that noise!
G :   I know! When baby sister was born, she cried and slept all the time. I had to help change diapers and feed her.
B :   I hope I never have to change a diaper! mom and dad do a good job of that. I learned how to heat the bottle to the right temperature, though. Having a new baby around is hard work.
G :   What do you like most about your new brother?
B :   He’s really cute, and everyone says he looks like me, but with darker hair.
G :   Smaller too, of course!
B :   He laughs when I tickle his little feet. When he grows up a bit, I’ll teach him how to ride a bicycle, and we can also play games together! I’m going to be the best big brother in the world!

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