Listening Practice Through Dictation Level 2 – Topic: People and Work

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The New Boss

M:   You know, Kim, I think our new boss doesn’t like me. I don’t understand why.
W:   That’s not true, Trevor! Why, just this morning I heard her say you’re a very good employee. She said you work very hard every day.
M:   That’s news to me. I wish she would say it to me, but she just criticizes everything I do.
W:   I think that you’re being too sensitive.
M:   Do you really think so? Maybe I just need a vacation. I haven’t had one for years.
W:   It’s not good to work so hard, Trevor. I think a vacation is a great idea.
M:   How about you? Are you happy at work these days?
W:   Yes, I’m really enjoying working for this new boss. That’s why I’m surprised that you think she criticizes your work. Actually, I think she is helping you to improve your work. She’s just trying to help.
M:   I didn’t realize that. Now that I think about it, you’re right. I feel much better.
W:   Good! Let’s go for lunch!

The Principal

W:   How long have you been a school principal, Mr. Shin?
M:   I have been a school principal for 18 years.
W:   What made you get involved in education?
M:   When I was 12 years old, I read an article about how the human brain works. I studied very hard. I tried to use brain well. Soon, I began to get interested in education.
W:   I see!
M:   After college, I became a teacher. I was given the position of principal 12 years later.
W:   Do you ever wish that you had done something else?
M:   When I first started as a principal, I missed being a teacher. I liked spending time with children and helping them learn and grow. However, I knew that I could do a lot of good as a principal.
W:   You have certainly done a lot of good, Mr. Shin! You started a special program to send all the students in your school to college!
M:   I have been planning to do that for some time. I’m glad the program is so successful.

Bill Gates

M:   Look at this article I am reading. It says here that Microsoft made over $36 billion in 2004.
W:   Wow!
M:   I wish I was Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft!
W:   Is it just because of the money?
M:   Of course! You can donate a lot of money to help other people. Bill Gates donates millions to charity every year. He also employs about 55,000 people in 85 different countries.
W:   I heard that he got interested in computers when he was really young.
M:   That’s right. He started programming computers when he was 13 years old.
W:   Really?
M:   Yes. Then he studied computers at Harvard University.
W:   He was a Harvard graduate? This shows how important education is to success.
M:   Actually, Bill Gates decided to drop out of Harvard. He was an excellent student. But he did not want to graduate.
W:   Why not?
M:   He had a dream. He dreamed that computers would be in every home and office in the world.
W:   I see! He decided to follow his dream.
M:   Yes. He made the right decision!

Mark Twain

G :   Here is a story that Mark Twain, the famous author of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, told one afternoon.
Years ago, I was on a train leaving New York. There were too many people, and the sleeper train was full. I asked the young man at the ticket office if I could have a room in the sleeper section of the train. He answered rudely, “No!”
I left feeling quite angry. As I was getting on the train, I saw a man watching me. He watched me for a few minutes. Then he spoke to the conductor in a whisper. Immediately the conductor came over to me.
“Can I help you?” he asked. “Do you want a place in the sleeper section?”
“Yes, give me anything.”
“We have two beds and chairs in a private section.”
The conductor made sure I was comfortable.
Then he said, “I’m so proud to have you on this train, sir.”
“Oh? Who am I?” I asked.
“General McClellan.”

A Soccer Star

B : Soccer is a very popular team sport worldwide. Many people love to watch it. Hong ung-bo is a famous soccer player. He started playing soccer in 1990. He played for the Pohang Steelers for six years. Then he played for the Los Angeles Galaxy. He was the first Korean to play for a major league soccer team in the United States. Now, he is a coach for the South Korean soccer team.
Hong is famous because he played soccer well. He played in more than 125 international games. He also played in four World Cups. He played in the World Cup in 1990, 1994, 1998, and 2002.
Hong won two soccer awards in 2002. His team won the award for the Most Entertaining Team in the World Cup. People thought it was fun to watch Hong’s team play soccer! Hong also won the Adidas Bronze Ball Award. This award was for his outstanding performance in the game. Even though Hong did not play in the final game, he played well.

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