Listening Practice Through Dictation Level 1 – Topic: Travel and Transport

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A Bicycle Trip

M:   I’m planning to go on a bicycle trip around Europe.
W:   Why do you want to go on a bicycle trip?
M:   It is an environmentally friendly way to travel.
W:   What do you have to do in order to go on a bicycle trip?
M:   Before the trip, I’ll need to ride bicycle a lot. That will make me fit and strong. I also need to get some equipment.
W:   What kind of equipment will you need?
M:   I need road maps of the countries I am going to visit. I also need strong bags to carry clothes and food. I need to carry all these things on bicycle.
W:   Are you traveling with another person?
M:   Yes, I am going with a friend of mine. He likes bicycle trips.
W:   I wish I could go on a bicycle trip, too! Well, don’t get too many flat tires!

Driving Down South

B :   Isn’t it great that there aren’t any classes on Monday? We have a three-day weekend!
G :   That’s right! Do you have any special plans?
B :    family is taking a trip to Las Cruces. I’m really looking forward to it. Have you ever been there?
G :   No, but I’ve heard about it. Is it nice?
B :   Yes, there are so many things to see. The city is famous for its nuts.
G :   What kind of nuts?
B :   Pecans. There are many pecan trees growing in and around the city.
G :   I like pecans. How far away is Las Cruces from here?
B :   It only takes about four hours by car if you use the freeway and drive directly south.
G :   That certainly makes for an easy trip. When are you leaving?
B :   We’re going on Saturday morning. We’ll be back on Monday evening.
G :   Have a nice time! Bring me some pecans!

The Travel Agent

W:   I want to go on a trip to China.
M:   How long do you want to stay?
W:   Four or five days.
M:   We have a very good package tour that is for four days and three nights.
W:   OK. What can you tell me about it?
M:   Well, you’ll fly directly to Beijing. Your tour guide will meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel. Over the four days, you will do a lot of sightseeing. You will see many famous landmarks, like the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City, and the Great Wall of China.
W:   That sounds great! What sort of transport will we use to get from one place to another?
M:   You will take a bus with your tour group.
W:   OK. Can I book this package tour now? There will be five of us going on this trip.
M:   Sure!

Taking the Train

M:   You’re so lucky, Marian. You’re leaving for Hawaii in five hours! I never travel because I hate flying in airplanes. I don’t like buses, either.
W:   That doesn’t matter, Dean. There are other ways to get around. You should take the train somewhere.
M:   That’s true. It’s been a long time since I last traveled. I’ve always wanted to take a long train trip.
W:   What’s stopping you? Go to the travel agent now and ask about train trips!
M:   What do you think the fares are like?
W:   I’m not sure what train fares are like now. I think it depends on your destination. That’s a question you’ll have to ask a travel agent.
M:   Can you suggest a good person to talk to?
W:    travel agent is always very helpful. Here is his phone number.
M:   Thanks! I’ll call him right now. Where’s the phone?

Go on a Cruise!

M:   Are you sick of long road trips in a car? Do you find long trips in an airplane boring? Do you want to travel in a special way? You should take a cruise to all the places you would like to see!
Go by cruise ship to the northeast part of the US! Go late in the year. Then, you can enjoy the colors of the autumn leaves on the trees. It is a beautiful sight.
Do you like to look at man-made wonders? Go on a cruise to the Panama Canal! Do you want to see icebergs? Do you want to look at seals and whales? Go on a cruise to Alaska!
Wherever you may choose to go, a cruise is a great way to travel. Book a trip on a cruise ship today! You will love it!

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