Listening Practice Through Dictation Level 1 – Topic: Leisure and Entertainment

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A Haunted House

G :   Oh no, it’s raining! I wanted to go to the beach today.
B :   Well, I’m visiting a haunted house this afternoon. You can come with me if you like.
G :   A haunted house? What is it like?
B :   It’s really dark, with lots of old furniture and pictures on the walls. It’s called a haunted house because it’s full of ghosts!
G :   You’re joking, right? I don’t believe in ghosts! Where is the haunted house?
B :   The house is in the old forest.
G :   Oh! Are you really sure you want to go?
B :   What’s wrong? I thought you didn’t believe in ghosts!
G :   Well, I don’t really believe in ghosts, but …
B :   That’s OK, I don’t believe in ghosts, either! I was only joking. The old house isn’t really haunted; it’s just a very old, empty house.
G :   Whew, I’m glad to hear that! Sure, I’ll come with you!

A Big Screen TV

M:   I’m thinking about buying a big screen TV.
W:   Wow! I’ve seen those in the store. They cost a lot of money. Can you afford to buy one?
M:   They do cost a lot of money. But I really enjoy watching TV. I think it’s much more fun to watch TV shows on a big screen.
W:   I’ve never watched TV on a big screen. Do you think the quality of the picture is good?
M:   Yes, the quality is great. When you watch soccer games, you feel like you are right there on the field!
W:   When you buy the TV, can I come over to your house? Then, I can enjoy watching TV on the big screen with you!
M:   I have to save some money to buy the TV first. It will be a few months before I can afford to buy it!

He’s Famous!

B :   Are you going to the new Tim Cross movie tonight?
G :   I don’t know. It looks kind of boring.
B :   Really? I think it looks quite interesting. Besides, Tim Cross is a famous actor.
G :   He may be famous, but I don’t think he’s a very good actor. He always acts in the same sort of movie. He never does anything different.
B :   Well, at least you think he’s good looking, right?
G :   No, not really. He always looks so sleepy.
B :   But most girls think he’s handsome. Maybe that’s why he is so famous.
G :   None of friends think he is good looking at all. I used to like him a few years ago, but now I think he’s not handsome at all.
B :   Hey! I just got a haircut to try to look more like him!
G :   Well, that explains why I don’t like your new haircut!

A Housewarming Party

W:   Hi, Steve! Thanks for coming to housewarming party.
M:   Hello, Sue! Thanks for inviting me to see your lovely new home. It’s beautiful!
W:   Thank you. I’m glad you like it.
M:   Did you decorate your house all by yourself?
W:   Yes, I did. I traveled around Europe last year. I got some beautiful furniture for house there.
M:   Do you plan to go on a new trip this summer?
W:   Yes, I am planning to visit China.
M:   That’s great! How long will you be there?
W:   I will be there for a month.
M:   You can find some beautiful things in China for your new house. You should go shopping while you are there.
W:   Of course! It will be fun to go shopping there. By the way, please help yourself to the refreshments.
M:   Thanks. The food looks delicious!

Making Music

M:   Do you like to listen to music? Music is made up of sound. People all over the world like music. People have liked it for hundreds of years.
People who write music are called composers. Most of the time, a composer does not sing or play his own music. He writes it all down in the form of notes. Those who know how to read music can understand these notes. This is how people can sing the song or play it.
Lots of people like to play music. Music can be played on instruments. There are many types of musical instruments. Some of these are the piano, the violin, and the drum.
People can make music as a group. A choir is a group of people who sing. An orchestra is a group of people who play musical instruments.

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