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What success did you achieve?

I don’t know if it matters to someone or not, but passing the entrance exam to university was a huge success for me.

When did you get that success?

I got it 6 years ago. It’s been 2 years since I left university.

Was there anyone who supported you?

family supported me a lot. mom prepared good meals for me while dad helped me with hard math problems.

Was it hard to get that success?

It was hard for me since I wasn’t good at academic subjects at all.

What were some difficulties in achieving success?

The period before the exam was quite stressful. I was so obsessed with it that I had a serious headache.

How did you get it?

I stuck to books day and night. I just stopped reading and writing when I felt I knew thoroughly about the matters.

How did you feel when you were successful?

I was over the moon then. I was looking forward to campus life.

How did your life change after that success?

I had a chance to learn favorite major at desired university and then got a high-paying job in an active working environment.

What is your key to success?

I don’t particularly have any key to success. Just work hard and try your best, everything good will come to you.

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