Practice Listening and Speaking English for Daily Conversation – RESTAURANT

Improve your ability to speak English

How often do you eat out?

Who do you go with?

I often eat out on weekends, when I hang out with friends.

What restaurant do you usually visit?

Well, there are not many restaurants in neighborhood, so best choice is the deli in convenient stores like the Circle K, Mini-Stop, B-smart.

What type of food do you enjoy to eat?

Western or Asian?

I’m interested in Asian food, Western food is not thing.

How much do you usually pay when you eat out?

It’s not very expensive, just around $5 for each meal.

Do you enjoy spicy food?

Yes, I do, especially on cold days.

Are the servers there friendly to you?

Yes, they are.

Most of them are really helpful.

Have you ever tried Italian food?

Yes, at least once, when I was in friend’s wedding party.

Are you concerned about calories when eating out?

Yes, I am.

I’m on diet now, so this really matters to me.

Are fast food restaurants like KFC or McDonald’s famous in your country?

Yes, they are.

The youth in country are big fans of fast food.

Do you often drink alcohol when eating out?

No, not often.

Just when I have parties with friends.