Practice Listening and Speaking English for Daily Conversation – Part 5

Improve your ability to speak English

Getting A Visa

Henry: Does it take long to get a visa?

Mr. Chandler: It depends on the season. Anywhere from one month to two months.

Henry: What do I need to do?

Mr. Chandler: Fill out an application form and wait.

Henry: Will there be a long waiting period?

Mr. Chandler: Not if you don't run into any government delays.

Employing a new member

Mr Orwell: Well, this woman may be suitable for the job. But is she energetic enough?

Mr Bays: Yes, she certainly seems to have lots of energy.

Mr Orwell: Mm. She's got to be ambitious too. Is she?

Mr Bays: Yes, she has plenty of ambition.

Mr Orwell: And we really need a flexible sort of person. Do you think she is?

Mr Bays: Mm. She seems to be determined enough, but she's a little tough.

Mr. Orwell: Well I guess we will give her a try, and see how she works out!

A Date (1)

Harry: What are you so happy about? You're grinning from ear to ear.

Gill: Sandy and I are going to go out this weekend.

Harry: Oh, yeah? That's fast work. That's great! Which night are you going to see her Friday or Saturday?

Gill: On Friday. She isn't going to be in town on Saturday and Sunday. She's going to visit a friend in Quebec.

Harry: What are you going to do on Friday?

Gill: I don't know yet. Do you have any ideas?

Harry: How about taking her out to a Chinese restaurant? I've heard that she likes Chinese food.

Gill: That's a great idea.

Harry: What are you going to wear on your date?

Gill: I am going to wear new suit.

Harry: That's too formal. Wear your jeans and a T-shirt.

Gill: How about your sports jacket? Are you going to wear it Friday night?

Harry: No, I am not. Go ahead and wear it.

What did you do yesterday?

Richard: Hi, how are you? You look tired. Did you sleep okay last night?

Dave: No, I didn't.

Richard: Why? What did you do yesterday?

Dave: I went to a nightclub last night and danced all night.

Richard: Oh, yeah? Did you have a good time?

Dave: I had a wonderful time, but I'm beat today.

Richard: What time did you leave the nightclub?

Dave: I left at about 3:00 a.m.

Richard: I'm not surprised that you're tired. Which nightclub did you go to?

Dave: Fantastic. It's on Ontario Street. It's really nice.

Travelling by Air

Henry: Do I check in here for Air Canada to Mexico?

Mr. Silver: Do you already have your ticket?

Henry: Yes. Here you are.

Mr. Silver: Thank you. Can you put your luggage up here, please?

Henry: Sure, I have three suitcases.

Mr. Silver: We allow only two pieces. You'll have to pay an extra charge.

Henry: Oh! Can I carry this one with me?

Mr. Silver: No, I'm sorry. It won't fit under your seat. That's $45.00.

Henry: Here you are.

Mr. Silver: Thank you. You can choose your seat. A window seat or aisle seat?

Henry: I'd like a window seat, please.

Mr. Silver: Fine. Seat 15A. Here's your ticket and your boarding pass. Enjoy your flight!