Practice Listening and Speaking English for Daily Conversation – Part 11

Improve your ability to speak English

It's Beginning to Snow.

Jason: Do you like snow?

Kristin: No! I hate it!

Jason: Why? Snow is so pretty.

Kristin: Yes, but I don't like to drive in it.

Jason: Well, it's beginning to snow.

Kristin: And I have to drive to work.

Jason: How far is it to work?

Kristin: Six miles. Are we going to get much snow?

Jason: About twelve inches, they say.

Kristin: Oh no! Driving will be dangerous! Please be careful!

Jason: I will, by the way, can I borrow your car?

A House at the Shore

Roberto: When is your vacation?

Sandra: It starts next week.

Roberto: Where are you going?

Sandra: We're renting a house on the shore.

Roberto: That's wonderful!

Sandra: Yes, we love the ocean.

Roberto: Do you swim a lot?

Sandra: Not very much.

Roberto: Then, why are you going to the shore?

Sandra: Because we all bought new swim suits!

A Soccer Game

Denis: I'm going to play soccer.

Barbara: Who are you playing with?

Denis: Some friends from work.

Barbara: Are you a good soccer player?

Denis: Yes, but I'm not the best player on the team.

Barbara: What time does the game begin?

Denis: Nine o'clock. Why don't you come with me?

Barbara: I can't today. I'm very busy.

Denis: Okay. See you later.

Barbara: I hope your team wins.

Not So Young

Keith: son is graduating from high school today!

Sally: And daughter is graduating next year.

Keith: How old is she?

Sally: She's sixteen.

Keith: I remember when she was a baby.

Sally: I know. We're getting old.

Keith: Don't say that!

Sally: Why not? It's true.

Keith: No, it isn't. We were young when we got married.

Sally: That's right, but we got married 25 years ago!

Is She Single?

Lynn: Today is cousin's birthday.

Roger: What's your cousin's name?

Lynn: Kathy. I'm going to her house after dinner.

Roger: How old is she?

Lynn: She's twenty-four.

Roger: Hmm. She's age. Is she pretty?

Lynn: Yes, and she's very nice, too.

Roger: Is she single?

Lynn: No, she's married and has two children.

Roger: Oh that's too bad.

Lynn: Not for her! He he he…

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