Practice Listening and Speaking English for Daily Conversation – LEARNING A SECOND LANGUAGE

Improve your ability to speak English

Do you like learning languages?

Yes, I do. I love traveling and talking to the local people in their mother tongue.

What is your mother language?

I speak English.

What second language are you learning?

I’m learning Spanish. I fell in love with Spanish when I traveled to Spain last year.

Is that language popular in your country?

Yes. People in country come from every corner of the world and Spanish is the second popular language spoken here according to the statistic.

How often do you use that language?

Quite a lot. I see Spanish people every day in the restaurant, bank or supermarket.

How long have you been learning that language?

I’ve been learning it for 5 years. I’m in advanced class now.

Why do you choose to learn that language?

I’m interested in Spanish culture, and I’d like to use language as a tool to discover Spanish cultural values.

Who is your teacher?

An old Spanish teacher. She can also speak English fluently.

Why do people learn a second language?

There are many purposes. Some learn to do business, some learn to travel, some just learn for fun.