Practice Listening and Speaking English for Daily Conversation – INDOOR GAME

Improve your ability to speak English

What indoor game do you like to play?

Uhm, I’m fond of playing bowling.

When did you start playing it?

I’ve just started bowling. It’s been 3 weeks so far.

Who do you play it with?

Most of the time I play with friends when we hang out together. Sometimes, I also go bowling with cousins.

Where do you play?

At a nearby shopping mall. There is an entertainment area where people can play various games.

Is it easy to play?

Yes, quite easy. The bowler has to knock down as many pins as possible, ideally all of them.

Are you usually the winner?

Nope, because I’m just a beginner. friends are much more experienced in playing it.

Why do you like it?

Well, going bowling is quite enjoyable. I love it when friends cheer me up.

Is it popular in your country?

Yes, people playing almost everywhere. There are nearly 3,000 bowling centers in country.

What are other indoor games in your country?

There are many such as board game, table tennis, squash, boxing and so on.