Practice Listening and Speaking English for Daily Conversation – COMPUTER

Improve your ability to speak English

Do you have your own computer?

Yes, I owned a personal laptop when I was in university.

How often do you use the computer?

Almost every day. I can’t work without a computer.

Have you ever joined any computer class?

Yes, years ago. I learned about Microsoft Word and Excel.

What do you use the computer for?

You know, I’m an accountant, so managing business records would be much easier for me using a computer.

What are some advantages of using the computer?

With a computer connected to the Internet, we can shop, pay bills or do bank transactions online. Listening to music, watching movies are even more convenient.

Do you use other high-tech devices besides computers?

Yes, apart from a computer, I also use a smartphone.

Should children learn how to use the computer?

Yes, I think so. Children should be given chances to approach the computer but under the control of their parents.