Practice Listening and Speaking English for Daily Conversation – COMPETITION / CONTEST

Improve your ability to speak English

What is the most impressive competition you’ve entered?

I took part in an eloquence competition, organized by university last year.

What was it about?

The competition was to find out the best public speaker in the university.

Were there many participants in the competition?

Yes, there were around 500 participants totally.

What prize did you get?

Well, I didn’t get a very high prize, but it didn’t matter, I was still happy with the result.

What could you learn from the competition?

I learned the way to develop ideas for a speech beside some body language tips in public speaking.

Did you have to prepare a lot for the competition?

Yes, I did. I read various materials about eloquence, as well as rehearsed a lot.

How did you know about the competition?

The competition was informed in the school poster.

Did you do your best then?

Yes, I think so. After the competition, I know I have to try more.

Is the competition useful, in your opinion?

Sure. It helps students learn soft skills as well as become more confident in life.

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