Practice Listening and Speaking English for Daily Conversation – A COFFEE SHOP

Improve your ability to speak English

What’s your favorite coffee shop?

favorite one is The Coffee House, a local coffee shop in neighborhood.

Where is it?

It’s 500 m far from house.

How often do you visit that coffee shop?

Every weekend when I hang out with friends. The Coffee House is always our first choice.

Who do you go with?

I meet friends there. They love the place, too.

What drinks does it serve?

Many kinds: coffee, chocolate, cocktail, smoothie, tea, juice of various tastes. favorite one is hot chocolate.

Are the waiters there friendly?

Yes, they couldn’t be nicer.

Do you like the decorations of that coffee shop?

Yes, I love it. I fancy the green space they put in each corner of the room.

When was the last time you go there?

I last went there last Monday.

What is special about that coffee shop?

The drinks are what make them different. People are just addicted to full-bodied coffee and chocolate there.

How do you know about that coffee shop?

cousin recommended it to me and I did give it a try.