English Writing Exercises for B2 – An article


You’ve read a report about a decline in PE lessons for young people during school hours, especially during exam time. Write an article for you school website about the benefits of teenagers taking regular exercise at this time, and how students could incorporate more of it into their lives.

1. Read the task above. Identify the elements that need to be included in the article. How many paragraphs do you think it should have? Read the article and check.


It is said that due to academic pressures, many older students in Britain do not have the time in their school schedules for more than two hours of PE a week. Surely this is not enough for young people to maintain healthy lifestyle?

Obviously, students see studying for exams as their overriding priority, as it is vital for good grades and future careers. However, it is simply not healthy for students to spend all their time at their desks. Interestingly, research has shown that regular exercise boosts concentration, reduces stress and aids restful sleep. Consequently, it would appear that exercise is highly important when it comes to successful studying. Therefore, if the school is unable to include enough exercise in students’ school timetables, the students should take responsibility for it themselves.

Naturally, I think there are other ways for students to ensure they get enough exercise, for example by walking or cycling to school. Moreover, after-school clubs offer various types of exercise. So too do local leisure centres. It is merely a question of having the will power to organise exercise and stick to it. Once students feel the benefit of regular exercise, it is easier for them to maintain it.

Personally, I think it is extremely important that young people realise that continuing exercise during periods of intense study can help them achieve higher grades. So, let’s make a move today!

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1) benefits of PE, teenagers taking regular exercise during exam time

2) how students could incorporate more regular exercise into their lives

It should have 4 paragraphs.

2. Find four comment adverbs in the article. Write down four more comment adverbs.



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Obviously, Consequently, Naturally, Personally, Surely, Interestingly

Writing Strategy

Organise your ideas or opinions into a coherent argument by using linking words or phrases, for example: therefore, although, furthermore, as a result.

3. Read the Writing Strategy. Find and underline six different conjunctions in the article (excluding and, as and when).

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However, Therefore, For example, Moreover, So, Once

4. Link the sentences using the words below.

although      moreover      since      so      therefore      whereas

1) She runs regularly. She’s very fit.


2) He doesn’t like exercising much. He still does it.


3) Exercise increases your muscle strength. It improves your brain power.


4) He has a lot of fizzy drinks. His teeth aren’t good.


5) Sweets are unhealthy. Fruit is good for you.


6) We’ve been exercising. We’ve lost weight.


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1) She runs regularly, therefore / so she’s very fit.

2) Although he doesn’t like exercising much, he still does it. He doesn’t like exercising much, although he still does it

3) Exercise increases your muscle strength. Moreover it improves your brain power.

4) He has a lot of fizzy drinks, so / therefore his teeth aren’t good.

5) Sweets are unhealthy, whereas fruit is good for you.

6) Since we’ve been exercising, we’ve lost weight. / We’ve lost weight since we’ve been exercising.

Writing Guide

You’re read an article about the increase in childhood obesity through poor diet and lack of exercise. Write an article for your school website about the risks associated with obesity and propose ways of persuading young people to make good lifestyle choices.

5. Read the task above and make notes on your ideas for each paragraph. Choose a title. Plan your article.

Paragraph 1 ________.

Paragraph 2 ________.

Paragraph 3 ________.

Paragraph 4 ________.

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your own answers

6. Write your article.

Extra exercises


If your article is meant for young readers, its style does not need to be too formal. Keep your introduction short and punchy. Use interesting facts and rhetorical questions to grab the reader’s attention.

1. Read the strategy. Then choose the best alternatives to complete the text below.

Hungry brains

1 It’s well established that / Did you know that the brain is an energy-hungry organ? Despite being relatively small, it uses more than 20% of our daily energy intake. 2 In opinion, / That’s why it needs calories to function well. 3 Can we still feed our brains / Will it be good or bad for us is schools stop selling high-energy foods in vending machines?

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1) Did you know that  2 That’s why

3 Can we still feed our brains

2. Read the task below and write your article.

You see this notice in an international English-language magazine for teenagers.


We’re looking for articles about cooking disasters.

Have you or a member of your family ever had a cooking disaster? Tell us about it – describe the dish, and explain what went wrong. The best articles will be published in our next issue.

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