English Writing Exercises for B2 – A report


1. Read the task and the report below. How many measures does the writer:

a assess? ________

b suggest? ________

Last year, your town council took measures to make your town cleaner and greener. The council would like to hear your views on the measures they have taken and also any suggestions for future improvements.


The aim of this report is to assess the measures taken by the council and to put forward recommendations for further action.

Benefits of the measures taken

According to most residents, the new pedestrian zone is a great success. It was also thought that the bike lanes improved road safety. The coach park on the outskirts of the town has also met with approval, as coaches no longer drive into the centre where the streets are very narrow.

Disadvantages of the measures

The increase in parking charges has discouraged people from driving into town, but local shops and businesses are suffering because fewer people come into town to shop. What is more, it would seem that these charges adversely affect disabled people and elderly people who rely on their cars.

Suggestions for future improvements

The majority of residents are of the opinions that there are not enough open green spaces. In opinion, it would therefore be worth creating a new park on the wasteland near the station. I would suggest that more free parking places for disabled and elderly people are created. In conclusion, the council has made a good start, but a lot more could be done.

Write your report.

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a 4 (new pedestrian zone, bike lanes, new coach park, increase in parking charges)

b 2 (create a new park, more free parking for disabled and elderly people)

2. KEY PHRASES   Put the phrases in the correct groups. Which are in the article?

It is recommended that ___ It was reported that ___

It was thought that ___ On balance, ___

Taking all the points into consideration, ___

This report is intended to ___


The aim of this report is to ___

The report is based on / draws on ___

1) _________


It would seem that ___

According to ___

(People) were of the opinion that ___

2) _________

3) _________

Summing up / Giving your opinion

In conclusion, ___ To conclude, ___ To sum up, ___

4) _________

5) _________

Recommending / Suggesting

I would suggest ___

In opinion, it would be worth ___

6) _________

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1) This report is intended to ___

2) It was thought that ___ / It was reported that ___

3) It was reported that ___ / It was thought that ___

4) On balance, ___ / Taking all the points into consideration, ___

5) Taking all the points into consideration, ___ / On balance, ___

6) It is recommended that ___

Writing Guide

Writing Strategy

When writing a report:

–  think carefully about the target reader and write in an appropriate style and tone.

–  state the purpose of the report in the first paragraph and any recommendations and suggestions in the final paragraph.

–  consider using headings where appropriate to give the report a clear structure.

3. Read the Writing Strategy and the task below. Make notes under the headings.

Last year, your school took measures to make it cleaner and greener. The head teacher would like to hear your views on the measures they have taken and also any suggestions for future improvements.

Your opinion of measures taken

1) _____


2) _____


3) _____


Suggestions for further improvements

1) _____


2) _____


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your own answers

4. Write your report.

Extra exercises


In an opinion essay, you need to use linking expressions to connect and extend your ideas. Not all linking expressions are used in the same position in a sentence.

1. Read the Strategy. Choose the correct answers.

1) Participating in a campaign can be rewarding. Besides / Too , you can make new friends.

2) Petitions are a useful means of gathering support for a cause. Demonstrations can attract many followers also / as well .

3) Social media posts can sometimes attract unwelcome responses. Our posts can be shared on other people’s timelines in addition / too .

4) Selecting the appropriate security settings is important. Furthermore / As well , it is advisable to check who might be able to view and to share our posts.

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1) Besides   2) as well   3) too   4) Furthermore

2. Read the task below and write your essay.

Some people use their social media accounts to express and publicise their political views. Is this a good idea? Write an essay in which you express your opinion, taking into consideration what effect it may have on the people writing the posts and people responding to them.