English Writing Exercises for B2 – A blog post

A newspaper has published an online article suggesting that the local bus service into town is no longer required. Write a blog post outlining the advantages of the bus service, giving an account of when you last used it.


1. Read the task above and the article below.

In which paragraph does the writer ___

1) describe a personal experience? _________

2) list reasons to keep the bus service? _________

3) give a reason for writing the letter? _________

4) suggest that money isn’t the only consideration? _________


[a ]   Without buses, local residents will be, quite simply, stranded. Your article suggested that the service into town costs the council too much money and is not used enough. As a young person who relies on the bus, I’d like to outline some arguments against this view.

[b ]   I strongly disagree with the suggestion that there is no value in continuing the bus service. Firstly, not everyone has a car, so won’t a public service always be required? Secondly, the bus gives teenagers necessary independence and the ability to travel. Thirdly, the bus is much more environmentally friendly than cars. Therefore the cost must be weighed against the cost to the environment if there were no bus service.

[c ]   The last time I took the bus was last weekend. I always go by bus into the town centre with friends on Saturdays. Travelling to town, I chatted to the other passengers. They were all in agreement that the service was still necessary and that they would have great difficulty in managing without it. In fact, the point was made that if there were more buses, the service would be used even more.

[d ]   In view, rather than being unnecessary, the bus service is essential for those in the community without a car. They are also invaluable for bringing and keeping communities together. How can you put a price on that?

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1) C   2) B   3) A   4) D

Writing Strategy

Make a plan for your blog post so you allow enough space to include every element from the task instructions. Remember to include a good introduction and a summary.

2. Read the Writing Strategy and find the two paragraphs in the blog post that cover the elements required in the task.

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advantages – paragraph B, personal account – paragraph C

3. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1) Having ____________ (run) to catch the bus, I got to the party in time.

2) _________ (travel) together on the train, we often chatted.

3) As the tourists ____________ (arrive), the tourist office opened.

4) After ____________ (finish) his coffee, he went to the cinema.

5) _________ (wait) for you, I read a book.

6) Having ____________ (make) the cake, they began to eat it.

7) After ____________ (swim) in the river, they sunbathed for an hour.

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1) run   2) Travelling   3) arrived   4 finishing   5) Waiting

6) made   7) swimming

4. Find an example of one of the structures from exercise 3 in the blog post.

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Travelling to town, I chatted to the other passengers.

Writing Guide

A local newspaper published an online article suggesting that the tourist office in town is an unnecessary expense. Write a blog post outlining the advantages of the tourist office and giving an account of a time you used it with a foreign visitor.

5. Read the task above. Make some notes for a) the advantages of the tourist office and b) your account.

Advantages ________

Your account ____________

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your own answers

6. Write your blog post. Follow the paragraph plan in exercise 1.