English Speaking Exercises for B2 – Photo comparison

1. Complete the sentences about photo A with the words below.


looks      most likely      say      something      sort of      sure

1) I can’t be ____________ , but I don’t think that it’s a concert.

2) It ____________ like they’re in the open air.

3) There’s a ____________ railing in front of the fans.

4) The group could be arriving at an airport, or ____________ like that.

5) The fans in front are ____________ friends as well, because it seems they have made a banner together.

6) I’d ____________ that they were excited about seeing their favourite band.

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1) sure   2) looks   3) sort of   4) something   5) most likely   6) say

2. Match the gaps in sentences 1-5 with the word and phrases below (a-f).

1) In both photos, you can see ________.

2) The common theme in the photos is ________.

3) The main difference between the photos is that ________.

4) In the first photo ______ , whereas in the second photo ________.

5) Unlike the second photo, the first photo shows ________.

a the celebrity must be there in the second photo

b fame and celebrities

c they’re screaming and shouting

d the fans holding a large banner

e the fans are waiting for the celebrities to arrive

f a group of fans

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1) f   2) b   3) a   4) e, c   5) d

Speaking Strategy

When you talk about a photo, try to use a range of adjectives. For example, extreme adjectives can make your description more expressive.

You are planning a day out with friends on your birthday. Discuss with your friend what you are going to do. Give reasons for your opinions. Agree on an activity.

3. Read the Speaking Strategy and the task above. Then listen to a student doing the task. Which four of the extreme adjectives below does she use? Match them with adverbs 1-4.

awful      delighted      ecstatic      exhausted      fascinated

hilarious      miserable      starving      terrible      terrified

thrilled      wonderful

1) absolutely ________.

2) really ________.

3) completely ________.

4) totally ________.

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1) ecstatic   2) wonderful   3) thrilled   4) miserable


See exercise 4.

4. Listen again. Which two of the points (a-c) does the student mention in answer to the question in the task?

a They find their favourite celebrities very attractive.

b The celebrities seem unreal until they see them in real life.

c The get more excited because they’re in a group.

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b, c


Student In both photos, you can see a group of fans. In the first photo, the fans are waiting for the celebrities to arrive, whereas in the second photo, the celebrity must be there already. The fans are screaming and shouting – they’re absolutely ecstatic. It looks like a really wonderful experience for them.

Examiner Why do you think fans get so excited about seeing their favourite celebrities?

Student I suppose it’s like a dream come true for them. They see their favourite stars on TV and the internet all the time, and they seem so distant ___ almost unreal. So when they see them in real life, they feel completely thrilled. Also, I’m sure they get more excited about it when they’re with a group of friends. If you had to wait for hours on your own, you’d be totally miserable!

5. Look at the task and the photos below. Then read the questions (1-4) and write notes.

Compare the photos. Then give your own opinion about whether celebrities should spend more time with their fans.


1) What is the common theme of the photos?


2) What can you see in both photos?


3) What is the main difference between the photos?


4) Do you think celebrities should spend more time with their fans? Why? / Why not?



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1) The common theme is celebrities and their fans.

2) There are celebrities and lots of fans in both photos. Some of the fans have pens and paper for autographs. Both celebrities have sunglasses.

3) In photo B there are lots of phones and a girl is taking a selfie. The celebrity is a man, whereas in photo A it’s a woman.

6. Now do the task using your notes from exercise 5.

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