English Reading Exercises for B2 – Vloggers

1. Complete the sentences with the words below.

accessibility      channel      content      feedback      interaction      platforms      provider      subscribers

1) Have you had any ____________ from users about what they think of the new site?

2) There’s not enough communication or ____________ between the vlogger and his followers.

3) _________ to our blogs get regular updates every day.

4) Hopefully the new network will improve ____________ to the internet in our neighbourhood.

5) His ideas are available on a number of media ____________ including the internet and traditional newspapers.

6) Sam has set up his own ____________ on YouTube and will start uploading videos soon.

7) His video are very well made, but they need more original ____________ to attract viewers.

8) The website is the largest ____________ of Hollywood films for rent.

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1) feedback   2) interaction   3) Subscribers   4) accessibility

5) platforms   6) channel   7) content   8) provider

2 Read the text. What qualities do people who want to start a blog or vlog need?

Online fame

– Ask Rosie ——-

Surely blogging or vlogging must be one of the easiest ways of finding fame and fortune? All you need is a computer and a hobby to talk about, don’t you? Well, although it looks simple, being a success in the blogosphere is actually a lot more difficult than it seems.

Kate Ross has been advising brands on how to work with bloggers and vloggers, and believes that if you start a blog or vlog just to earn money, it isn’t going to work. Kate says you need to be passionate about your topic and you need to provide your readers or viewers with interesting content. If you don’t, your vlog or blog isn’t going to get positive feedback and attract subscribers.

You also need to be aware that cash isn’t going to come rolling in overnight. Seventeen-year-old Rosie Bea, who has a YouTube fashion channel, says her blog only started attracting the attention of advertisers after she had put in months and months of unpaid work and built up a big fan base. Rosie was also combining her vlog work with her law studies, and she advises vloggers in the same position to make sure that they plan carefully so that they have time to do both things properly.

So, while the tabloid press often talks about the instant success of young bloggers and vloggers, it isn’t really instant at all. The people who are successful have done well because they are hard-working and passionate about what they do, and it is this dedication and passion that attracts subscribers and advertisers to them. The press is only interested in them once they are in the public eye, but they have achieved their celebrity status through hours and hours of hard work.

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They need to be passionate about their topic, hard-working and dedicated.

Reading Strategy

Read the multiple-choice questions and all possible answers carefully. Find the part of the text that each question refers to. Read the answers again and choose the one that best matches the information in the text. Check that the other answers are incorrect.

3. Read the Reading Strategy. Then read the text again and choose the correct answers (a-d).

1) Kate Ross’s job involves explaining to companies

a how they can employ bloggers and vloggers.

b what bloggers and vloggers do.

c how they can collaborate with bloggers and vloggers.

d which bloggers and vloggers earn the most money.

2) If you want your blog or vlog to be successful, you need

a to write about passionate topics.

b to really want to earn money.

c to be interested in your viewers.

d material that will catch people’s attention.

3) If you want advertisers to notice you, you need to

a have lots of viewers.

b work for free.

c be well organised.

d talk about fashion.

4) The way the media presents the success that young bloggers and vloggers have had is

a mistaken.

b accurate.

c enthusiastic.

d positive.

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1) c   2) d   3) a   4) a