English Listening Exercises for B2 – The future

1. a   Listen. What are the people going to do in the summer holidays? Complete column A in the chart.

A   What is he / she going to do?

B   What will it be like? Why?


go camping in France

1) __fun__

2) __see interesting places__


1) _____

2) _____


1) _____

2) _____


1) _____

2) _____


1) _____

2) _____


1) _____

2) _____

b   Listen again. What do they think it will be like? Complete column B with these cues.

meet interesting people        tiring        really fit

fun        DVDs        some money        really boring

new friends        hard work        have a break

see interesting places        learn a lot

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Nathan : work on his uncle’s farm

Suzie : help in her parents’ shop

Gary : nothing

Paula : spend two weeks at a tennis training school

Henry : work as a tourist guide in our town


Nathan1) hard work, 2) really ft

Suzie1) tiring, 2) have a break

Gary1) DVDs, 2) boring

Paula1) learn a lot, 2) new friends

Henry1) meet interesting people, 2) some money


1   Molly

name’s Molly. We’re going to go camping in France. I think it will be fun and we’ll see lots of interesting places.

2   Nathan

Hello. I’m Nathan. In the holidays, I’m going to work on uncle’s farm. I think it will be hard work, but I’ll be really fit by the end of the holidays.

3   Suzie

Hi. I’m Suzie. I’m going to help in parents’ shop. It will be tiring, but I don’t mind, because it means parents will have a break.

4   Gary

I’m Gary and I’m not going to do anything, because I’ve just broken leg. So I’ll probably watch lots of DVDs, and it will be really boring.

5   Paula

Hello. I’m Paula. I’m going to spend two weeks at a tennis training school. I think it will be great, because I know that I’ll learn a lot and I’ll make some new friends.

6   Henry

name’s Henry. I’m going to be a tourist guide in our town. I’m sure it will be really good, because I’ll meet a lot of interesting people and I’ll make some money, too.

2. a   Listen to the dialogue. Some of the information is incorrect. Delete the incorrect parts.

Asha  Are you still OK for tomorrow this evening – you know, our tennis game?

Vicky No, I can’t make it now. I’m going to the dentist’s. I’ve got toothache.

Asha  Ooh. That sounds painful. Well, can we make it another day?

Vicky Yes. What about Saturday morning?

Asha  No, Saturday’s no good for me. I work at the hairdresser’s on Saturdays.

Vicky Oh, yes. I forgot. Well, is Sunday any good?

Asha Yes, that will be fine. About two o’clock?

Vicky OK, see you then in the park. Bye.

b   Listen again. Write the correct information in the dialogue.

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Asha  Are you still OK for tomorrow this evening – you know, our tennis game?

Vicky No, I can’t make it now. I’m going to the dentist’s doctor’s . I’ve got toothache earache .

Asha  Ooh. That sounds painful bad . Well, can we make it another day?

Vicky Yes. What about Saturday morning afternoon ?

Asha  No, Saturday’s no good for me. I work at the hairdresser’s café on Saturdays.

Vicky Oh, yes. I forgot. Well, is Sunday Friday any good?

Asha  Yes, that will be fine. About two six o’clock?

Vicky OK, see you then in the park at the bus station . Bye.

3. a   Listen to Lisa talking about the best time of her life. Answer the questions.

1) Who was Carolyn?

a her sister

b her neighbour

     c her best friend

2) Who was Matt?

a her date

b her boyfriend at college

     c her brother

3) Which of these kinds of school does Lisa mention?

   Grade School

   Junior High School

   Senior High School


4) Which of these events does she mention?

      her first day at school

      the flag-raising ceremony

      the Basketball Championship Final

      Graduation Day

      the High School Prom

      her eighteenth birthday

b   Listen again. Are the statements true (✓) or false (✗)?

1) Lisa is from Texas

2) Her school day was from 7 am to 3 pm.

3) She grew up in a big city.

4) She used to play basketball for the school.

5) Matt played the trumpet in the school band.

6) Carolyn was a cheerleader.

7) Lisa was the Prom Queen.

8) Lisa is studying in her home town.

9) Carolyn and Matt aren’t studying in Chicago.

10) She works part-time in a supermarket.

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1) c

2) a

3) Senior High School, College

4) the flag-raising ceremony, Graduation Day, the High School Prom


1 ✓   2 ✗   3 ✗   4 ✓   5 ✗   6 ✓   7 ✗   8 ✗   9 ✓   10 ✗


Hi, name’s Lisa. I’m twenty years old and I’m from Texas. I think the best time of life was when I was at Senior High School. I really enjoyed it.

It was a normal school. We started at seven o’clock and we went home at half past two.

Every day began with the flag-raising ceremony. We all used to stand with our hands on our hearts while the flag was raised by one of the students. And we all pledged our loyalty to the USA.

One of the things that I really liked about the school was that it had a very strong sense of community. It was a small town, so we all knew each other – and that was great.

I used to play basketball for the school team. When we played against other schools, it was always a big event. The school band played and that was great, because I was in love with a really good-looking guy who played the saxophone in the band. His name was Matt. The cheerleaders danced, too. best friend, Carolyn, was one of the cheerleaders. And, of course, all our parents came to watch.

At the end of Senior High, we had our graduation day. We were all there in our caps and gowns to receive our graduation certificates. Our parents were all very proud.

But the best thing was the High School Prom. date was Matt – the guy from the band. And friend Carolyn was the Prom Queen. It was a wonderful evening.

Ah, happy days! I’m at college now in Chicago. Life here is very different. It’s hundreds of miles from home town, so I don’t see parents very often, and all of school friends are at colleges in other cities. And college isn’t free, so I have a part-time job in a restaurant to help pay for it. I’m enjoying time here, but I’ll always have good memories of Senior High School. It really was the best time of life!

4. Listen and complete the sentences.

Hello. Willow 1) __Tree__ Medical Centre.

Oh, 2) _____ name’s Molly Freeman. I’ve got an appointment at 3) _____ o’clock 4) _____, but I’m afraid I can’t make it now.

OK. Let me see. Can you come 5) _____ at 6) _____ instead?

No. I’m sorry. That’s no good for me. I’ve got a 7) _____ exam.

Oh, well. I’m afraid we haven’t got anything else 8) _____ What about 9) _____ at 10) _____?

What date is that?

It’s 11) _____

Yes, that will be fine. Thank you. Goodbye.


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2) hello   7) piano

3) 10   8) this week

4) tomorrow morning   9) next Monday

5) this Thursday   10) 1.30

6) 4.30   11) 2 August

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