English Listening Exercises for B2 – Problems

1. Meena is having a party at her house. Tom has just arrived. Listen to the dialogue. Are the statements true (✓) or false (✗)?

1) Meena has invited fifteen people to the party.

2) Tom is the first person to arrive at the party.

3) She’s never had a party at her house before.

4) Tom has never had a party at his house.

5) Meena hasn’t told her parents about the party.

6) They’re gone to see her grandparents.

7) Meena doesn’t know any of the people in the cars.

8) The people read about the party on the school website.

9) A lot of people have come to the party by bus.

10) Someone has broken a bottle.

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1) ✗   2) ✗   3) ✗   4) ✓   5) ✗   6) ✓   7) ✓   8) ✗   9) ✓   10)


Tom Hi, Meena.

Meena Hi, Tom.

Tom How many people have you invited to the party, Meena?

Meena Twenty, and they’re all here. You’re the last to arrive.

Tom Have you ever had a party here before?

Meena Yes, I have.

Tom Oh, I’ve never had a party at house. parents won’t let me. Have you told your parents that you’re having a party?

Meena Yes, I have. They don’t mind.

Tom You’re lucky. Where are your parents?

Meena They’ve gone to see grandparents for the weekend. Anyway, come on in.

Tom Oh, four cars have just stopped outside. Who are all those people in them?

Meena  I don’t know. I’ve never seen any of them before.

Boy Hi. Is this where the party is?

Meena Yes, but who are you?

Girl Oh, we read about your party on Facebook. Come on, everyone. This is the right place!

Meena Just a minute. I didn’t invite you and …

Tom Meena, a lot more people have just got off that bus and they’re all coming to your house, too.

Meena But there must be more than forty people there. I ___

Tom What was that?

Meena Oh no, someone’s broken a window. This is a disaster! parents will go mad!

2. a   Listen to Mel’s story. Choose the correct sentence endings.

1) Mel bullied Ursula because

a Ursula was new at the school.

b Mel was bullied herself.

     c Ursula had red hair.

2) Mel called Ursula

a Red Top.

b Carrot Head.

      c Ugly Girl.

3) Mel stopped bullying Ursula because

a her parents found out and grounded her.

b Ursula’s mother told the police.

  c  a boy refused to go out with her.

b   Listen again. Tick (✓) the correct boxes.

1) Which of these things did Mel do to Ursula?

      call her names

      send her texts

      pull her hair

      break her glasses

      push her

      punch her

      steal her bag

      kick her

2) Which of these words and expressions does Mel use to describe herself?



      have rich parents


      a fashion leader

      good at sport


      have got lots of friends

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1) c  2) b  3) c


1) call her names, pull her hair, push her, kick her

2) attractive, popular, a fashion leader, horrible, has got lots of friends


name’s Mel. There’s a girl at school called Ursula. People often call her names, because she’s got red hair. They call her ‘Carrot Head’ and ‘Red Top’ and things like that. I suppose it’s because she’s different. She doesn’t usually do anything when people call her names. She just ignores it. But a few months ago, I saw her in the park and I shouted: ‘Oi, Carrot Head!’ This time she didn’t ignore it. She said I was stupid and walked away.

I didn’t like that, so the next day I found Ursula at school. I pushed her and I pulled her hair. Then her glasses fell off, and when she bent down to pick them up, I kicked her. Whenever I saw her after that I did something – pushed her or called her names.

I don’t know why I was so horrible. I’m very popular and have got lots of friends. I think I’m quite attractive, too, and friends and I are fashion leaders at school.

Anyway, there was a boy in street called David, and I really liked him. I met him one day at the bus stop and we started talking. We arranged to go on a date. But while we were talking, Ursula walked past and looked at us. I said: ‘What are you looking at, Carrot Head?’ She ignored me. Then I noticed that David was looking at me in a very strange way.

‘That wasn’t a very nice thing to do,’ he said and he walked away. I said: ‘But what about our date?’ and he shouted: ‘I don’t want to go out with a bully.’

And, you know, that was the first time I realized I was a bully. But David was right. I was a bully. I felt so bad. I just ran home and cried. I never did anything to Ursula again, but I still feel really bad about the things that I did to her.

3. Listen. What’s wrong with the items? Complete the sentences.

1) The sausages ________

2) The key ________

3) The shirt ________

4) The glass ________

5) The hairdryer ________

6) The coin ________

7) The radio ________

8) The DVD player ________

9) The page ________

10) The dishwasher ________

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1) are burnt     6) is stuck

2) is bent 7) is damaged

3) is the wrong size 8) isn’t switched on

4) is cracked     9) is missing

5) isn’t plugged in 10) is making a funny noise


1)  a I’m sorry. We can’t eat the sausages. They’re burnt.

b Oh no! I love sausages.

2)  a I can’t open the door.

b Why not?

a The key’s bent.

3)  a Can I exchange this shirt, please? It’s the wrong size.

b Certainly. Have you got the receipt?

4)  a Could I have another glass, please? This one’s cracked.

b Certainly. I’m sorry about that.

5)  a The hairdryer isn’t working.

b Well, it isn’t plugged in. That’s why.

a Oh.

6)  a I’ve just put a coin in this machine and now it’s stuck.

b Oh dear.

7)  a I bought this radio yesterday, but I’d like to return it. It’s damaged.

b Yes, I see what you mean.

8)  a What’s wrong with the DVD player? Are the batteries in the remote dead?

b No. It isn’t switched on.

a Oh yes.

9)  a Oh no. I’ve just read this book that I borrowed from the library, and the last page is missing!

b Oh dear. That’s a pity.

10)  a What’s wrong with the dishwasher?

b Why?

a It’s making a funny noise.

4. a   Listen and underline the words that you hear.

attractive      slim      confident      well-built      quiet

shy      generous      cheerful      popular      overweight

good-looking      mean      careful      horrible      ugly

gorgeous      plain      intelligent      honest      pretty

nice      friendly      funny      helpful      handsome

b   Listen again. Describe these people.

–   Robert’s cousin




–  his cousin’s girlfriend




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confident, quiet, shy, cheerful, popular, good-looking, mean,

horrible, ugly, intelligent, pretty, nice, friendly, helpful


Robert’s cousin: slim, with glasses, confident, cheerful,

popular, has got lots of friends, good-looking

his cousin’s girlfriend: pretty, nice, friendly, helpful


Robert Arlene. Can you see that boy over there?

Arlene The slim one with glasses?

Robert Yes. That’s cousin.

Arlene Really? What’s he like?

Robert He’s great. He’s very confident. You couldn’t call him quiet and shy. And he’s always very cheerful. He’s popular, too. He’s got lots of friends.

Arlene Mmm. He’s very good-looking. Has he got a girlfriend?

Robert Yes, he has.

Arlene Oh, please tell me that she’s mean, horrible and ugly and that he needs a gorgeous, intelligent girlfriend like me.

Robert I’m afraid not. His girlfriend’s actually very pretty and she’s really nice and friendly. And she’s very helpful. She helped me with homework last week. Yes, she’s really nice.

Arlene Oh, that’s a pity!

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