English Grammar Exercises for B2 – use to and would

1. Complete the dialogue with the correct form of used to (affirmative, negative or interrogative).

Brandon You see that house on the corner? dad 1) _____ live there with his parents.

Millie Really? It’s huge! 2) _____ your family __________ be rich?

Brandon I suppose so. grandparents 3) _____ run a department store.

Millie4 _____ there __________ be a department store in this town?

Brandon Yes. But it closed twenty years ago.

Millie Why did it close?

Brandon I don’t know. grandparents 5) _____ talk about it very much.

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1) used to   2) Did (your family) use to   3) used to

4) Did (there) use to   5) didn’t use to

2. Replace used to with would in these sentences, where possible.

1) grandfather never used to go out without a hat.


2) We used to live in Washington, D.C.


3) I used to go to the sweet shop every afternoon.


4) We didn’t use to talk our parents about school.


5) When Harriet was young, she used to go dancing every night.


6) Our dog used to be scared of cats.


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1) grandfather would never go out without a hat.

2) I would go to the sweet shop every afternoon.

3) We wouldn’t talk to our parents about school.

4) When Harriet was young, she would go dancing every night.

3. Choose the correct answers.

1) I practise the guitar every day, but ________

a didn’t use to      b wouldn’t      c used to

2) Joe hates eggs, but he __________ them.

a would like      b used to like      c didn’t like

3) When Elsie was young, she __________ ballet lessons twice a week for ten years.

a ‘d go to     b used to go to      c went to

4) I don’t let dog in room now because it __________ stop jumping on bed.

a wouldn’t      b didn’t use to      c would

5) neighbour __________ Adele’s piano teacher.

a ‘d be      b would be      c used to be

6) I love Mr Bean now, but I __________ him funny.

a wouldn’t find      b never used to find      c didn’t find

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1) a   2) b   3) c   4) a   5) c   6) b

4. Complete the sentences to suggest criticism using would and a verb from the box.

have      insist     leave      run      spend

1) I warmed her not to swim in that river, but she __________ on doing it.

2) I didn’t want to complain about neighbours, but they __________ such noisy parties.

3) It’s hardly surprising she failed her exams – she __________ so much time reading magazines.

4) I spent weeks trying to train dog, but it __________ off whenever we went out.

5) grandfather was so vain! In spite of his poor eyesight, he __________ the house without his glasses.

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1) would insist   2) would have   3 would spend

4) would run   5) would leave


Write six sentences about your childhood. Include the words in brackets.

1) _____________ (used to)

2) _____________ (would never)

3) _____________ (didn’t use to)

4) _____________ (would)

5) _____________ (never used to)

6) _____________ (wouldn’t)