English Grammar Exercises for B2 – Question forms

1. Write indirect questions. Use the phrases in the box.

I wonder__      I’d like to know__      Could you tell me__?

Can you tell me__?      Have you any idea__?      Can I ask__?

Do you know__?      Would you mind telling me__?

1) Who broke that window?

  Have you any idea who broke that window?

2) What’s your name?


3) Where do you live?


4) Where is the ticket office?


5) Would you be willing to answer some questions?


6) Will you be eating at home this evening?


7) What time do you plan to arrive?


8) Why are you laughing?


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2) I’d like to know what your name is.

3) Can I ask where you live?

4) Do you know where the ticket office is?

5) I wonder if you’d be willing to answer some questions.

6) Can you tell me if you’ll be eating at home this evening?

7) Could you tell me what time you plan to arrive?

8) Would you mind telling me why you’re laughing?

2. Listen to the indirect questions. Write the equivalent direct questions.

1) Where is dictionary?

2) _____________

3) _____________

4) _____________

5) _____________

6) _____________

7) _____________

8) _____________

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2) Where is the train station?

3) Could you help me?

4) What time is it?

5) What would you do in situation?

6) How should I cook these potatoes?

7) Why do you want to know?

8) How old are you?


1) Do you know where dictionary is?

2) Could you tell me where the train station is?

3) I wonder if you could help me.

4) Have you any idea what time it is?

5) I’d like to know what you would do in situation?

6) Can you tell me how I should cook these potatoes?

7) Can I ask why you want to know?

8) Would you mind telling me how old you are?

3. Read the statements and then write subject or object questions for the answers given.

1) Toby ate the apple.

  __Who ate the apple?…………….. Toby did.

  __What did Toby eat??…………….. The apple.

2) Ed ate one of the sandwiches.

   ________.? The ham one.

3) Adam made Eve cry.

   ________.? Adam did.

4) George met Emma at Sam’s party.

   ________.? Emma.

5) Fred was flirting with Sara.

      ________.? Fred was.

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2) Which sandwich did Ed eat?

3) Who made Eve cry?

4) Who did George meet at Sam’s party?

5) Who was flirting with Sara?

4. Read the statements. Write subject or object questions.

1) Something is making a strange noise.

What’s making a strange noise?

2) One of the boys will play in goal.

Which boy will play in goal?

3) Pete has got something in his bag.

What ________.?

4) Marcus gave you something to eat.

 What ________.?

5) Something is missing from the cupboard.

 What ________.?

6) Jess saw somebody in the park.

 Who ________.?

7) I’d like one of those pizzas.

Which ________.?

8) Somebody phoned Sally last night.

      Who ________.?

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3) has Pete got in his bag

4) did Marcus give you to eat

5) is missing from the cupboard

6) did Jess see in the park

7) pizza would you like

8) phoned Sally last night


Write the missing questions. Think where to place the prepositions – the style is informal.

1) Keira went to Spain with her sister.

  ________.? Her sister.

2) They stayed in a hotel for two weeks.

  ________.? Two weeks.

3) They were unhappy about their room.

  ________.? Their room.

4) They complained to the hotel manager.

  ________.? The hotel manager.

5) He told his son off for not tidying his room.

      ________.? Not tidying his room.

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1) Who did Keira go to Spain with

2) How long did they stay in a hotel

3) What were they unhappy about

4) Who did they complain to

5) What did he tell his son off for

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