English Grammar Exercises for B2 – Passive: all forms

1. Complete the sentences with an appropriate passive form of the verbs in brackets. Sometimes two tenses are possible.

1) By next weekend, the house ________ (redecorate).

2) I had a feeling that I ________ (laugh at).

3) ‘________ your car ________ (service) this year?’ ‘No, not yet.’

4) The vandals who ________ (arrest) by the police this morning ________ (see) last night near a shop window that ________ (break).

5) Right now the church ________ (renovate), so you can’t go inside.

6) We’ll have to wait until the gas cooker ________ (repair) before we can safety use it again.

7) Many rare species ________ (threaten) by climate change and could become extinct.

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1) will be redecorated / will have been redecorated

2) was being laughed at  

3) Has (your car) been serviced

4) were arrested, were seen, had been broken

5) is being renovated  

6) is repaired / has been repaired

7) are threatened / are being threatened

2. Make the active sentences passive. Be careful where you put the adverbs and prepositions.

1) You can easily find our contact details on the website.


2) Thieves have recently broken into house.


3) In German cities, they often clean the streets at night.


4) They sang that song beautifully.


5) Somebody has looked after this vintage car very well.


6) The teacher spoke to the student about his bad behaviour.


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1) Our contact details can easily be found on the website.

2) house has recently been broken into (by thieves).

3) In German cities the streets are often cleaned at night.

4) That song was beautiful sung.

5) This vintage car has been very well locked after.

6) The student was spoken to by the teacher about his bad behaviour.

3. Complete the sentences with the passive form of the verbs in the box.

choose      do      lose      make      report      steal      store      wear

1) I can’t find wallet. I think it might ________

2) Shoes mustn’t ____________ in the mosque.

 Please remove them before you go in.

3) letter didn’t arrive. It must ____________ in the post.

4) The deadline for school project is tomorrow. So it has to ____________ this evening.

5) I think smoking is terrible. It should ____________ illegal years ago.

6) You shouldn’t have left the scene of the accident. You ought to ____________ it to the police.

7) During the flight hand luggage can ____________ in the overhead lockers.

8) Do you think London might ever ____________ again to host the Olympic Games?

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1) have been stolen   2) be worn   3) have been lost   4) be done

5) have been made   6) have reported   7) be stored

8) be chosen

4. Underline the mistakes and write the sentences correctly.

1) I thought that I’d been being followed.


2) This house will be never sold.


3) The menu bar can being find at the top of the screen.


4) The children were looked by the babysitter after.


5) I’ve been being stared at by that man.

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1) I thought that I’d been / I thought that I was being followed.

2) This house will never be sold.

3) The menu bar can be found at the top of the screen.

4) The children were locked after by the babysitter.

5) That man has been staring at me.


Complete the sentences with a passive structure.

1) Homework must ________

2) I don’t like ________

3) The exam results will ________

4) Computers mustn’t ________