English Grammar Exercises for B2 – Present perfect simple and continuous

1. Translate these sentences into your own language.

1) I’ve been learning to drive, but I haven’t taken test yet.


2) I’ve just finished homework. I can go out now.


3) I haven’t been playing much tennis recently.


4) How long have you lived in London?


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2. Choose the correct tense.

1) ‘How long have you waitedhave you been waiting for the bus?’ ‘Only about five minutes.’

2) I’ve recordedbeen recording the last three episodes of favourite soap.

3) I’ve learnedbeen learning French for three months. I’m about elementary level.

4) hands are dirty because I’ve workedbeen working in the garden.

5) I’ve beenbeen going to Italy, but I’ve never visitedbeen visiting France.

6) How much time have you spenthave you been spending doing your homework this evening?

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1) have you been waiting   2) recorded   3) been learning

4) been working   5) visited   6) have you spent

3. Complete the conversation. Use the present perfect simple or continuous.

Jade    1 _____ you ________ (see) Martha?

    I 2) _____ (ring) her mobile all morning, but she isn’t answering.

Henry  I think she 3) _____ (take part) in a netball match at school. She probably switched her phone off and 4) _____ (forget) to turn it back one again.

Jade Really? So they 5) _____ (select) her for the team, then?

Henry Yes. Didn’t you know? She 6) _____ (play) a lot recently – most days in fact.

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1) Have (you) seen   2) ‘ve been ringing   3) ‘s been taking part

4) has forgotten   5) ‘ve selected   6) ’s been playing

4. Some of the sentences below are incorrect. Rewrite them correctly if necessary.

1) This rose is smelling lovely.

  This rose smells lovely.

2) These jeans have never fitted me.


3) Whether we go to the beach is depending on the weather.


4) I’ve always been disliking vegetables.


5) I don’t know what you are talking about.


6) That man has swum in the sea for over an hour. He must be freezing.


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3) Whether we go to the beach depends on the weather.

4) I’ve always disliked vegetables.


6) That man has been swimming in the sea for over an hour. He must be freezing.

5. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the box.

not care      not go      know      like

prefer      rain      read      think

1) How long __________ you __________ Pete?

2) We __________ on holiday this year.

3) I __________ what you __________!

4) The path is slippery because it ________

5) I __________ meat, but I __________ fish.

6) I __________ a great science fiction story. I’ll probably finish it in bed this evening.

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1) have (you) known   2) haven’t been

3) don’t care, think   4) ‘s been raining   5) like, prefer

6) ‘ve been reading / ‘m reading


Write two sentences using each verb (1-3), first as a state verb, them as a dynamic verb.

1) taste

 This cheese tastes good. The dog is tasting its food.

2) have




3) feel




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