English Grammar Exercises for B2 – Participle clauses

1. Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.

1  Taking / Taken with a glass of water, these tablets will cure a headache.

2) That lady talking / talked on the phone must be the manager.

3  Having slept / Sleeping badly last night, Jaime is in a bad mood.

4  Worn / Wearing with a red shirt, these black trousers would look fabulous.

5  Discovered / Having discovered last year, the temple is thought to be thousands of years old.

6) Suddenly realised / realising how late it was, we decided to go home.

7  Being / Been a fan of Sherlock Holmes, I have all the Conan Doyle novels.

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1) Taken   2) talking   3) Having slept   4) Worn

5) Discovered   6) realising   7) Being

2. Choose the correct options (a-c) to complete the text.

The most popular time for people to go shopping used to be during the January sales. Now, in some parts of the world there is one particular day that sees shoppers go wild! 1) ___ ‘Black Friday’, it takes place in November. 2) ___ Thanksgiving, one of the USA’s biggest holidays, on the following Friday millions of Americans rush to the shops, 3) ___ to save money on their Christmas shopping. Although still 4) ___ mainly in the USA, Black Friday has also spread to shops in Canada, Mexico and the UK. And 5) ___ to miss out on making money, online stores are also joining in, 6) ___ huge bargains to their customers. 7) ___ sensibly, it’s a great opportunity for shoppers, but it has also been criticised by many for encouraging consumerism.

1)  a Calling  b Called  c Having called

2)  a Celebrating  b Celebrated  c Having celebrated

3)  a hoping  b having hoped  c hoped

4)  a taken place  b taking place  c having taken place

5)  a not wanting  b not having wanted     c not wanted

6)  a offered  b having offered  c offering

7)  a Approached  b Approaching  c Having approached

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1) b   2) c   3) a   4) b   5) a   6) c   7) a

3. Write the words in the correct order to make sentences with participle clauses. Insert a comma in the correct place.

1) this / taste / Cooked / will / delicious / slowly / meat


2) the / exam / celebrating / passed / are / Having / their / students


3) to / Feeling / lie-in / I’ve / have / a / lazy / decided


4) he / the / on / climbed / ladder / Holding / up / tight


5) blowing / the / There / breeze / a / trees / was / through


6) very / year / is / Born / nephew / cute / last /


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1) Cooked slowly, this meat will taste delicious.

2) Having passed their exam, the students are celebrating.

3) Feeling lazy, I’ve decided to have a lie-in.

4) Holding on tight, he climbed up the ladder.

5) There was a breeze blowing through the trees.

6) Born last year, nephew is very cute.

4. Complete the sentences with the words below.

After finishing      Before leaving      On checking

Since starting      When thinking      While playing

1) _________ the house, could you do the washing up?

2) _________ at her new school, sister’s made lots of new friends.

3) _________ breakfast, they went out for a walk.

4) _________ tennis, Petra fell and hurt her ankle.

5) _________ his change, he realised the shop assistant had made a mistake.

6) _________ about where to go on holiday, you should consider the price as well as the location.

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1) Before leaving   2) Since starting   3) After finishing

4) While playing   5) On checking   6) When thinking

5. Complete the letter with one word in each gap.

Dear Sir

I am writing about some boots I recently purchased from your online store. 1 H______ looked at all the designs available, I chose a pair of brown biker boots. The boots I received do not look like the photo on your website. 2 M______ of leather, these boots should be very comfortable, but 3 o______ wearing them, I found them to be quite tight and painful. 4 B______ a student, I have very little money, and 5 s______ receiving the boots, I’ve found a similar pair much cheaper elsewhere. I’m sure you must have other customers 6 g______ you similar feedback, and I hope you will give me a full refund if I return the boots to you.


N Kowalski

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1) Having   2) Made   3) on   4) Being   5) since   6) giving

6. Choose the correct verb forms to complete the sentences.

1   Being / Been well off, Sebastian’s parents could afford to send him to a private school.

2   Purchasing / Purchased online, plane tickets are usually cheaper.

3   Standing / Stood at the checkout, I remembered that I needed to buy bread.

4   Having got / Had got into debt once, Anne has limited the use of her credit card.

5) The market was full of tourists haggling / haggled for souvenirs.

6   Selling / Sold in an attractive gift box, this perfume makes an excellent present.

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1) Being   2) Purchased   3) Standing   4) Having got

5) haggling   6) Sold

7. Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. Use the words below and the correct participle forms. Write four words in each gap.

although      before      on      since

1) I tried the jeans on and then I bought them.

________, I tried them on.

2) I’m getting loads of information about courses now that I’ve applied for university.

________, I’m getting loads of information about courses.

3) The product didn’t take off despite the fact that it had been predicted to succeed.

________, the product didn’t take off.

4) I noticed we hadn’t been charged for our drinks when I checked the bill.

     ________, I noticed we hadn’t been charged for our drinks.

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1) Before buying the jeans   2) Since applying for university

3) Although predicted to succeed   4) On checking the bill