English Grammar Exercises for B2 – Future perfect and future continuous

1. Choose the correct tense.

1) This time tomorrow, we ______ in Paris.

a will be arriving      b will have been arriving

2) Next April, grandparents ______ the local post office for forty years.

a will be running      b will have been running

3) Will Ava ______ her training course by July?

a have complete      b have been completing

4) Where will you ______ when you go to Spain?

a be staying      b have been staying

5) Our plane ______ by the time you get to the airport.

a will have landed      b will have been landing

6) By the time they reach Hawaii, they ______ for nearly two days.

a will be travelling      b will have been travelling

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1) a   2 b   3) a   4) a   5) a   6) b

2. Complete the sentences with the future perfect simple or future perfect continuous form of the verbs in the box. Sometimes both tenses are possible.

be      disappear      hate      invent      read

sit      train      travel      wait      wear

1) In December, parents ____________ married for 25 years.

2) Do you think scientists ____________ a machine for time travel by the end of this century?

3) By the time we get home, I ____________ the same clothes for three days!

4) Kirstie and Elsie ____________ for hours by the time we get there, unless we take a taxi.

5) By the time the Olympics begin, most athletes ____________ for months, or even years.

6) When we get to Beijing, we ____________ nearly 8,000 kilometres.

7) The kids will need to run around after the concert, because they ____________ still for two hours.

8) By then end of today, I ____________ this book for two weeks – and I’ll only be half way through!

9) Dad will be back from his ‘fun run’ soon. I’m sure he ____________ every minute!

10) By the time our grandchildren grow up, many species of animal ____________ completely.

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1) will have been   2) will have invented   3) will have been wearing

4) will have been waiting   5) will have been training

6) will have travelled   7) will have been sitting   8) will have been reading

9) will have hated   10) will have disappeared

3. Rewrite the sentences as polite enquiries using the future continuous.

1) What do you plan to visit next week?


2) How long are you intending to stay in Paris?


3) When are you doing to leave the hotel?


4) Who will pay the bill?


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1) What will you be visiting next week?

2) How long will you be staying in Paris?

3) When will you be leaving the hotel?

4) Who will be paying the bill?

4. Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first sentence. Include the future perfect simple or continuous or the future continuous form of the verbs in brackets.

1) We’ll finish all our exams in June. (take)

  By the end of June, ____________ all our exams.

2) Ben is starting a one-year degree course. (do)

  Ben ____________ a degree for the next year.

3) The bar stops serving drinks at 11 p.m. (serve)

  The bar ____________ drinks after 11 p.m.

4) nine-year-old brother started English lessons when he was five. (have)

  When brother starts secondary school at eleven, he ____________ English lessons for six years.

5) I’m going to learn to drive before I finish school. (learn)

  By the time I finish school, I ____________ to drive.

6) uncle retires next month after 25 years with the company. (work)

      When uncle retires next month, he ____________ for the company for 25 years.

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1) we will have taken   2) will be doing   3) won’t be serving

4) will have been having   5) will have learned   6) will have been working


Write four true sentences about yourself or your family. Use the future continuous in 1 and 2 and the future perfect simple or future perfect continuous in 3 and 4.

1) At 9 p.m. this evening, ________ .

2) Tomorrow, ________ .

3) By midnight tonight, ________ .

4) When I’m thirty, ________ .