English Grammar Exercises for B2 – Emphasis

1. Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first.

1) Chris lost his phone yesterday.

 It was Chris ________

2) Ella is getting her hair cut tomorrow.

 It’s tomorrow ________

3) His grandparents moved to New Zealand last year.

 It’s New Zealand ________

4) brother wasn’t born until 2000.

 It wasn’t until ________

5) Nick has been learning to ride a motorbike.

 It’s a ________

6) I have a guitar lessons on Saturday mornings.

 It’s on ________

7) We saw Roberto at the club last night.

  It was Roberto ________

8) They don’t enjoy watching sci-fi films.

     It’s sci-fi films ________

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1) who / that lost his phone yesterday

2) that Ella is getting her hair cut

3) that his grandparents moved to last year

4) 2010 that brother was born

5) motorbike that Nick has been learning to ride

6) Saturday mornings that I have guitar lessons

7) who / that we saw at the club last night

8) that they don’t enjoy watching

2. Rewrite the sentences to make a contrast. Begin with the words given and emphasise the words in bold.

1) This bag is made of leather . It’s not made of plastic.

 It’s leather that ________

2) The film doesn’t finish at 8 p.m. It finishes at 9 p.m.

It’s at ________

3) sister didn’t give me this present. Leo did.

 It was ________

4) I prefer the blue dress. I don’t prefer the grey one.

 It’s the ________

5) Tom doesn’t drive a Ferrari. He drives a Porsche .

 It’s a ________

6) Sam isn’t going on holiday to Turkey. Dan is.

 It’s Dan ________

7) School finishes in June . It doesn’t finish in July.

     It’s in ________

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1) this bag is made of, not plastic

2) 9 p.m. that the film finishes, not at 8 p.m.

3) Leo who gave me this present, not sister

4) blue dress that I prefer, not the grey one

5) Porsche that Tom drives, not a Ferrari

6) who’s / that’s going on holiday to Turkey, not Sam

7) June that school finishes, not July

3. Rewrite the sentences beginning with What or All.

1) This chicken needs to be cooked a bit longer.

 What ________

2) You only need to answer two of the exam questions.

 All ________

3) Jenny returned the broken watch to the shop.

 What ________

4) We’ll just have to buy some drinks for the barbecue.

 All ________

5) No one can remember the name of the new café.

 What ________

6) The only thing I know about our new neighbours is that they are Swedish.

  All ________

7) You mustn’t forget to turn off the TV before bedtime.

     What ________

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1) this chicken needs is to be cooked a bit longer

2) you need to answer is two of the exam questions / you need to do is answer two of the exam questions

3) Jenny did was (to) return the broken watch to the shop

4) we’ll have to buy is some drinks for the barbecue

5) no one can remember is the name of the new café

6) I know about our new neighbours is that they are Swedish

7) you mustn’t forget (to do) is (to) turn off the TV before bedtime

4. Write the words in the correct order to make emphatic sentences.

1) who / Eva / that / The / person / dog / owns / is


2) I / is / thing / spiders / can’t / One / stand


3) often / is / A / to / they’ve / place / Japan / been


4) who / most / Adele / singer / she / is / The / loves


5) doesn’t / green / colour / like / The / Laika / is


6) try / octopus / food / never / One / I’ll / is / !


7) like / snowboarding / try / A / he’d / is / sport / to


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1) The person who owns that dog is Eva.

2) One thing I can’t stand is spiders.

3) A place they’ve (often) been to (often) is Japan.

4) The singer who she loves most is Adele.

5) The colour Laila doesn’t like is green.

6) One food I’ll never try is octopus!

7) A sport he’d like to try is snowboarding.

5. Choose the correct words to complete the forum post

Why do teenagers always get the blame for everything? 1 One / What thing that really annoys me is getting blamed for all the litter in town, when 2 it was / it’s often the adults who don’t use the bin. 3 Where / What the authorities need to do is put CCTV cameras outside so they can see who’s responsible! But 4 a / the main problem they need to address is providing somewhere for us to go. One 5 place / thing where we can hang out is at fast-food restaurants, so 6 it’s / what’s there that people see us in groups and assume we’re causing trouble. 7 All / One we want is somewhere we can go and enjoy ourselves!   dexy33

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1) One   2) it’s   3) What   4) the   5) place   6) it’s   7) All

6. Complete the text with one word in each gap.

We know that plastic is to blame for much of the world’s pollution, but 1) _________ was the news that a plastic island the size of Texas is forming in the Pacific Ocean that shocked many of us. 2) _________ answer that many countries have come up with is charging customers for plastic bags in shops. And 3) _________ some countries have done is to completely ban bags that aren’t biodegradable. Since these laws were introduced, the use of plastic bags globally has dropped dramatically. 4) _________ thing you can do to help is to buy a ‘bag for life’ from a supermarket. When is wears out, 5) _________ you need to do is take it back to get a free replacement. In some countries, the 6) _________ place where you still won’t be charged for a plastic bag is at an airport or on planes.

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1) it   2) One/The   3) what   4) One   5) all   6) one

7. Complete the second sentence with emphasis.

1) I’m just asking for a little more consideration.

 All I’m asking ________.

2) I cut foot on a piece of glass.

 It was a piece of glass ________.

3) Everyone should recycle their waste.

 What everyone should do ________.

4) The oil tanker hit a rock.

  What happened ________.

5) You only need to take your rubbish home with you.

      All you need ________.

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1) for is a little more consideration

2) (that) I cut foot on

3) is recycle their waste

4) was (that) the oil tanker hit a rock

5) to do is take your rubbish home with you / to take home is your rubbish

8. Complete the second sentence with emphasis.

1) I’d love to visit Hong Kong.

 One place ________________ Hong Kong.

2) I can’t stand queuing in the supermarket.

  The thing ________________ queuing in the supermarket.

3) You must go to Harrods.

  One shop ________________ Harrods.

4) I spoke to the manager.

  The person ________________ the manager.

5) I feel sorry for sales staff who have to work on Sundays.

  The people ________________ sales staff who have to work on Sundays.

6) I avoid buying any product that is tested on animals.

     One thing ________________ any product that is tested on animals.

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1) I’d love to visit is   2) I can’t stand is   3) you must go to is

4) I spoke to was   5) I feel sorry for are   6) I avoid buying is