English Grammar Exercises for B2 – Comparison

1. Complete the sentences with the comparative or superlative form of the adverb in brackets.

1) Who works ____________ (hard) out of all the students in the class?

2) There isn’t much traffic today, so we should arrive ____________ (soon) than we expected.

3) If you ate ____________ (slowly), you’d enjoy your food more!

4) The Swiss tennis player performed ____________ (well) than his opponent and won the tournament.

5) Erik did ____________ (badly) than I did in this month’s test.

6) The world’s population is growing ____________ (fast) today than at any point in history.

7) grandparents’ house isn’t far, but aunt lives ____________ (near) of all family.

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1) (the) hardest  2) sooner   3) more slowly   4) better

5) worse   6) faster   7) (the) nearest

2. Match the two halves of the comparative sentences.

1) He’s far more handsome in real life

2) The harder you work,

3) I spent more this week

4) The later you leave tonight,

5) The sooner we book,

6) This ice cream is less tasty

7) Our cat’s getting bigger and bigger

a the colder it will be.

b than I’d wanted to.

c the cheaper the tickets will be.

d than on TV.

e than it looks.

f the more we feed it!

g the better you’ll do.

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1) d   2) g   3) b   4) a   5) c   6) e   7) f

3. Write the words in the correct order to make comparative sentences.

1) that / one / than / is / This / expensive / cap / more / slightly


2) will / than / much / a / taxi / longer / take / The bus


3) do / far / than / / scarier / I / finds / brother / spiders


4) lot / cycling / energetic / Walking / is / than / less / a


5) little / planned / Her / than / a / she’d / shopping / took / longer


6) today / even / be / tomorrow / hotter / Apparently / will / than / !


7) news / you / surprised / I / the / less / than / was / no / at


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1) This cap is slightly more expensive than that one.

2) The bus will take much longer than a taxi.

3) brother finds spiders far scarier than I do.

4) Walking is a lot less energetic than cycling.

5) Her shopping took a little longer than she’d planned.

6) Apparently tomorrow will be even hotter than today!

7) I was no less surprised at the news than you.

4. Choose the correct answers (a-c) to complete the sentences.

1) A quarter is _________ much as 25%.

a nowhere near as

b almost as

c just as

2) A second is _________ long as a minute.

a not quite as

b nothing like as

c nearly as

3) Eleven forty-five p.m. is _________ late as midnight.

a nearly as

b nowhere near as

c just as

4) Ninety-eight cents is _________ much as a euro.

a just as

b not quite as

c nothing like as

5) Spain is _________ cold as Iceland.

a nearly as

b almost as

c nowhere near as

6) The UK is _________ big as Russia.

a almost as

b nothing like as

c not quite as

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1) c   2) b   3) a   4) b   5) c   6) b

5. Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first.

1) That was the worst holiday I’d ever had!

 I’d never had a holiday as ______________ one!

2) If we walk fast, we’ll get there quicker.

The ______________ we’ll get there.

3) Fast food used to be less healthy.

 Fast food is ______________ used to be.

4) jacket is nothing like as comfortable as yours.

 You jacket is far ______________ mine.

5) Your brother is the same age as me.

 Your brother is just ______________ I am.

6) Indian food is far spicier than English food.

      English food is nothing ______________ Indian food.

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1) bad as that   2) faster we walk, the quicker  

3) healthier than it / not as unhealthy as it

4) more comfortable than

5) as old as   6) like as spicy as

6. Complete the text with the words below.

as      far      fewer      like      more      nowhere      than     the

Thanks to some films and TV shows, and certain types of music, many people still regard big cities in the USA as violent and crime-filled. However, recent reports show that they’re 1) _________ near as dangerous as some people believe. Statistics for violent crime are nothing 2) _________ as bad as they were in the 1990s; the chance of being robbed or murdered is much lower 3) _________ in the 1990s when those crimes were far 4) _________ common than they are today. There are also slightly 5) _________ property crimes than forty years ago, with a drop of 2.8% being reported by some sources. Many inner-city areas once considered ‘no-go’ zones are 6) _________ more pleasant than they used to be, and cities generally are just as safe 7) _________ anywhere else in the world. The problem, of course, is that the more the media focuses on the few serious crimes, 8) _________ more afraid people become.

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1) nowhere   2) like   3) than   4) more   5) fewer   6) far

7) as   8) the

7. Complete the second sentence with a comparative or superlative so that it means the same as the first. Use the correct form of the adverb or adjective from the first sentence.

1) You don’t walk as fast as me.

 I walk ________.

2) No one in family sings as badly as sister.

  sister is ________.

3) best friend is more outgoing than me.

I’m not ________.

4) You’ll be safe if you’re cautions.

 The more cautious you are, ________.

5) mum doesn’t drive as carefully as dad.

dad drives ________.

6) No one I know is more critical than brother.

     brother is ________.

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1) faster than you   2) the worst singer in family

3) as outgoing as best friend   4) the safer you’ll be

5) more carefully than mum   6) the most critical person I know

8. Look at the figures in the table. Then complete the sentences with the words below.

even      far      nearly      nothing      nowhere

The 100 most dangerous cities in the USA, 2015



Crime rate (per 1,000)

Camden, New Jersey



Chester, Pennsylvania



Detroit, Michigan



Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



1) The crime rate in Philadelphia is ____________ near as high as it is in Camden.

2) Camden’s population is ____________ like as large as Philadelphia’s.

3) Camden’s population is quite small, but Chester’s is ____________ smaller.

4) Chester’s population isn’t ____________ as big as Detroit’s.

5) There are ____________ more people living in Philadelphia than there are in Detroit.

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1) nowhere 2) nothing   3) even   4) nearly   5) far