English Grammar Exercises for B2 – Articles and quantifiers

1. Correct the mistakes with the bold articles in the text.

Photographer Ben Moon has made the an emotional short film about 1 a best friend he’s ever had: 2 the dog called Denali. Denali was just two years old when Ben rescued him from an animal shelter. They spent nearly fifteen years together, travelling around 3 United States in 4 the camper van , going to the beach and spending time with friends. And when Ben was getting over 5 the serious illness , Denali was constantly by his side, sleeping on his hospital bed. 6 A film won two awards at a festival in 7 the Colorado , and has taken the internet by storm with its moving story of the close friendship Ben and Denali shared for so long.

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1) an emotional short film   2) the best friend   3) a dog

4) the United States   5) a camper van   6) a serious illness

7) The film   8) Colorado

2. Complete the sentences with a/an, the or – (no article).

1) ____ film we just watched must be ______ worst I’ve seen!

2) She works as ______ volunteer, helping ______ elderly.

3) Although I don’t generally like ______ cats, I like ______ one next door.

4) Just put ______ shopping on ______ table over there, will you?

5) We met ______ family from ______ Caribbean at the carnival.

6) ____ first camping trip I went on wasn’t in ______ Europe.

7) dad’s got ______ new job, but ______ job is in another city.

8) I’ve got ______ idea: whey don’t we get ______ takeaway later?

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1) The, the  2) a, the   3) –, the   4) the, the   5) a, the

6) The, –   7) a, the   8) an, a

3. Choose the best option (a, b or c) to complete the sentences.

1) The forecast says there will be just _________ rain at the weekend.

a little          b a little  c a lot of

2) ___ the best music I’ve heard is on this album.

a Some of   b Both of  c Several of

3) The children didn’t make _________ mess.

a all of         b a lot of  c much of

4) ___ of shirts needs washing!

a Every        b Every one  c All

5) ___ drivers follow the new driving regulations.

a Some of   b None  c Few

6) I wouldn’t recommend _________ of the cafés in town.

a none         b either  c every one

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1) b   2) a   3) b   4) b   5) c   6) b

4. Choose the option that is not possible in each sentence.

1) ___ of these scarves would be a good present for Leo.

a Either  b Both  c Every

2) ___ her friends was at home when she called.

a Every one of  b None  c None of

3) There’s _________ time before the next lesson begins.

a little  b few  c a little

4) ___ of us agreed that the exercise was impossible.

a Every  b Each  c Every one

5) Let’s buy _________ these cakes for the picnic.

a both  b a few of  c several

6) She organised _________ of her books into alphabetical order.

a every  b all  c every one

7) ___ buddy movies are popular in the USA.

a Some  b Many  c A lot

8) I know _________ people who are scared of snakes.

a several  b a lot  c many

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1) c   2) b   3) b   4) a   5) c   6) a   7) c   8) b

5. Complete the sentences with the words below. There are two extra words.

a      both      few      many      no      none      of      one

1) It was a pretty boring party as there were so ____________ people there.

2) Dan got every ____________ of the answers right in yesterday’s homework.

3) I only have ____________ little cash – could you lend me some?

4) She tried on five pairs of shoes, but ____________ of them fitted.

5) ‘Would you prefer orange or apple juice?’ ‘I don’t mind – I like ____________ of them.’

6) The forecast says there’ll be ____________ sunshine today.

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1) few   2) one   3) a   4) none   5) both   6) no

6. Complete the text with one word in each gap.

In 1) _________ recent survey, two thousand British men and women were asked about their friendships. 2) _________ women turned out to be twice as good at making friends for life, with one in three saying that their best friend was someone they had met at school. In contrast, only one in six men were best friends with 3) _________ school friend. Although the men had between fifty and a hundred Facebook friends and fifty friends’ numbers in their phones, they only had a 4) _________ close friends – on average, about five. 5) _________ sexes admitted that there was at least one person in their friendship group that they couldn’t stand; although not quite as 6) _________ men as women confessed to this, it was still a surprising 13%! 7) _________ survey concluded that all 8) _________ us can expect to have fewer close friends as we get older, with only about three by the time we retire.

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1) a   2) The   3) a   4) few   5) Both   6) many   7) The   8) of

7. Choose the correct answers (a-c).

An unusual relationship

One of 1) ___ strangest friendships in literature occurs in 2) ___ story by E.B. White called Charlotte’s Web. 3) ___ story is set on a farm in 4) ___ USA, where Charlotte – a spider – makes friends with a pig named Wilbur and helps to save his life. Although Charlotte’s Web was written for 5) ___ children, it is popular with both young and adult readers all over 6) ___ world, and it has sold over 45 million copies in 23 different languages.

1)  a a  b the  c no article

2)  a a  b the  c no article

3)  a A  b The  c no article

4)  a a  b the  c no article

5)  a a  b the  c no article

6)  a a  b the  c no article

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1) b   2) a   3) b   4) b   5) c   6) b

8. Choose the correct words to complete the text.

Man’s best friend

There have been 1 a lot / many dogs who have saved their owners, but 2 no / none of them braver than a golden retriever named Figo. Figo isn’t a pet; he’s a guide dog for the blind. He has had 3 several / much different owners, and he’s helped 4 every / all of them get around safety outside. On Monday, he was crossing the road with his current owner, Audrey Stone, when a bus didn’t stop at the crossing. Figo jumped up at the bus to protect Audrey, who ended up injured, but alive. Figo needed an operation because he had hurt his leg and paw. Luckily, there were 5 few / a few passengers on the bus at the time: only two schoolchildren. 6 Either / Neither of them were injured.

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1) many   2) none   3) several   4) all   5) few   6) Neither

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