English Writing Exercises for B1 – An opinion essay


1. Read the task and the essay. In which paragraph (A-D) does the writer ___

1) give his opinion?

2) introduce the topic?

3) make his proposals?

4) sum up the essay?

Some people think that the school curriculum should include subjects such as ‘leading a healthy lifestyle’. Write an essay in which you give your own opinion on this issue and propose ways in which this subject might be taught in schools.

[a ]   If we can believe recent reports in the press, many teenagers are overweight and unfit. Some people argue that teaching children at school about a healthy lifestyle would help to solve this problem.

[b ]   In view, it would be very sensible to teach students how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Health problems later in life often start because people get into bad habits during their teenage years. It is sometimes said that this is the responsibility of the parent and not the school. But as I see it, everyone in society would benefit from this.

[c ]   In order to tackle this problem, time should be set aside in the school timetable to teach children about the benefits of eating healthily and getting lots of exercise. Moreover, doctors could also play a part by coming into school and talking to students. I suggest that one or two hours a week should be spent on this topic.

[d ]   To sum up, I agree with those people who believe that healthy living should be taught in schools. It seems to me that the students themselves and society in general would benefit from this proposal.

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1) B   2) A   3 C   4) D

2. Complete the gaps with the underlined phrases from the essay.

1   Introducing your opinions

 in opinion, 1) _____ 2) _____ 3) _____

2   Introducing other people’s opinions

 It is a widely held view that

 Most people agree that

 It is a common belief that

    4 _____

5) _____

3   Making an additional point

     What is more,      Not only that, but      Furthermore,

6) _____

4   Introducing proposals and solutions

     One solution might be to

     What I propose is that

     I would strongly recommend that

     It is vital that

7) _____  

8) _____

5   Concluding

      In conclusion,      To conclude,      9) _____

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1) In view   2) as I see it   3) It seems to me that

4) Some people argue that   5) It is sometimes said that

6) Moreover   7) In order to tackle this problem

8) I suggest that   9) To sum up

Writing Guide

Many people think that teenagers spend too much time using electronic gadgets. Write an essay in which you give your own view of the problem and propose ways of solving it.

Writing Strategy

1) Divide your essay into an introduction, main body and conclusion.

2) If the task has more than one element, deal with them in different paragraphs within the main body.

3) Use formal language.

4) Support opinions with evidence or examples.

3. Read the task and the Writing Strategy above. In which paragraph (A-D) of your essay will you ___

1) describe the problem?

2) introduce the topic: mention the problem (using different words from the task) and say that you will propose solutions?

3) sum up by saying that you are confident that your proposed solutions will help to solve the problem?

4) propose solutions?

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1) B   2) A   3) D   4) C

4. Make notes about the headings below.

view of the problem and its causes: ________

Solutions to the problem: ________

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your own answers

5. Write your essay. Follow the paragraph plan in exercise 3, and use your notes from exercise 4. Include some phrases from exercise 2.