English Vocabulary Exercises for B1 – Travel and transport

1. Look at the pictures and complete the crossword.


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1) hot air balloon   2) yacht   3) tram   4) motorbike

5) cable car   6) cruise ship   7) hovercraft   8) underground

9) scooter   10) helicopter   11) coach   12) ferry   13) aircraft

2. Divide the forms of transport into groups. (Do not include cable car.)









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Air hot air balloon, helicopter, aircraft

Sea yacht, cruise ship, hovercraft, ferry

Rail tram, underground

Road motorbike, scooter, coach

3. Complete the compound nouns with the words below.

barrier      bay      buffet      check-in      coach      filling

gate      hall      level      office      park      room      station

taxi      ticket      train

1) arrivals ____________

2) _________ car

3) car ____________

4) _________ desk

5) coach ____________

6) _________ station

7) departure ____________

8) _________ station

9) lost property ____________

10) _________ crossing

11) service ____________

12) _________ rank

13) waiting ____________

14) _________ office

15) ticket ____________

16) _________ station

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1) hall   2) buffet   3) park   4) check-in   5) bay

6) coach / filling / train   7) gate   8) coach / filling / train

9) office   10) level   11) station   12) taxi   13) room

14) ticket   15) barrier   16) coach / filling / train

4. Complete the sentences with compound nouns from exercise 3.

1) After you get off a plane, you collect your baggage in the ________

2) Where a road crosses a railway line, there’s a ________

3) If you lose something on a train or a bus, go to the ________

4) If you get hungry on a train journey, buy something in the ________

5) If you need petrol when driving in a city, stop at a ________

6) Before you get on a flight, show your ticket and passport at the ________

7) At many train stations you have to go through a ____________ to get onto the platform.

8) If you need a rest while driving along a motorway, stop at a ________

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1) arrivals hall   2) level crossing   3) lost property office

4) buffet car   5) filling station   6) check-in desk

7) ticket barrier   8) service station

5. Listen to three conversations. Where are the people? Choose from the places below. There are two extra places.

airport      deck      departure gate      platform      port

1) _________

2) _________

3) _________

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1) airport   2) platform   3) port




Girl Which carriage is this?

Boy A.

g We’re in G, aren’t we? That’s at the other end. You said carriage A would stop here.

b Yeah. Sorry. Come on. It’s not far.

g I think we’d better get on. We don’t want it to leave without us.


Girl Look at the queues to get on the ferry, Dad.

Man Don’t worry, that’s normal. It’s a big ferry. It can take lots of cars.

g How long will we have to wait?

m They allow all the cars and passengers off first. Then we’ll drive on.

g Have we got a cabin?

m No, but I reserved seats.

g I hope I don’t feel seasick.

m If you do, we’ll go out on the deck.

Extra exercises

1. Match the definitions with the forms of transport below.

cable car      coach      ferry      helicopter

hovercraft      tram      yacht

1) a boat that carries paying passengers across a river ________.

2) a vehicle powered by electricity that moves along special rails built in the road ________.

3) a small aircraft without wings that can go straight up into the air ________.

4) a vehicle that carries passengers up and down a mountain ________.

5) a vehicle that sits on a pocket of air and can move over land or water ________.

6) a large, comfortable bus used for long journeys ________.

7) a boat with sails used for pleasure trips and racing ________.

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1) ferry   2 tram   3) helicopter   4) cable car

5) hovercraft   6) coach   7) yacht

2. Match a word in A with a word in B to form places related to travel. Then complete the sentences.

A     arrivals      buffet      check-in      departure      filling      taxi

B     car      desk      gate      hall      rank      station

1) We had a lot of luggage, so we took it straight to the ________. when we got to the airport.

2) sister’s plane was delayed, so we spent hours in the ________. waiting for her.

3) Fortunately, we reached a ________. before our car ran out of petrol.

4) There was a massive queue at the ________, so we caught the bus home instead.

5) When we got to the ________, the flight was already boarding.

6) I went to the ________. at the back of the train to get self a snack.

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1) check-in desk   2) arrivals hall   3 filling station  

4) taxi rank   5) departure gate   6) buffet car

3. Complete the sentences with the verbs below.

board      book      check into      hire      reach

1) We can’t ________. our hotel yet because it’s too early.

2) The first thing I’m going to do when we ________. our destination is jump into the shower.

3) The best way to see Lanzarote is to ________. a car and drive around the island.

4) You usually have to show your passport when you go to ________. a plane.

5) I always ________. flights online because it’s much more convenient.

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1) check into   2 reach   3) hire   4) board   5) book

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