English Vocabulary Exercises for B1 – Talking about the arts

1. Complete the art forms.


1) b______

2) c______ m______

3) d______

4) m______

5) p______

6) c______

7) d______

8) m______

9) n______

10) o______

11) p______

12) p______

13) p______ m______

14) s______

15) T______ d______

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1) ballet   2) classical music   3) dance   4) mime

5) poem   6) cartoon   7) drawing   8) musical   9) novel

10) opera   11) painting   12) play   13) pop music

14) sculpture   15) sitcom

2. Complete the sentences with types of artist.

1) A playwright writes plays.

2) _____. choreographs dances.

3) _____. performs in operas.

4) _____. directs films and plays.

5) _____. sings in a band.

6) _____. conducts an orchestra.

7) _____. paints pictures.

8) _____. acts in plays and films.

9) _____. writes novels.

10) _____. carves statues and creates sculptures.

11) _____. writes poems.

12) _____. composes music.

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2) A choreographer   3) An opera singer   4) A director

5) A pop singer   6) A conductor   7) A painter

8) An actor   9) A novelist   10) A sculptor   11) A poet

12) A composer

3. Listen to three speakers talking about art forms that they study. Match speakers 1-3 with sentences A-D. There is one extra sentence.

Which speaker ___

a already earns some money from his / her artistic skills?

b describes an old and a new artistic skill that have a connection with each other?

c wants to experiment with different performance ideas in his / her chosen art form?

d says that his / her art form is not appreciated by many people?

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a 3   b 2   c 1

The extra sentence is D.


See exercise 4.

4. Complete the sentences with the verbs below. Then listen again and check.

carving      choreograph      compose      create      perform      sing

Speaker 1

And I would like to ________. ballets as well as ________. them.

Speaker 2

a Firstly, I love ________. sculptures out of wood.

b I’m also fascinated by 3D modelling, where you ________. 3D models.

Speaker 3

a I ________. in two choirs.

b One day, I’d also like to ________. own songs.

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Speaker 1 choreograph, perform

Speaker 2 carving, create

Speaker 3  sing, compose



Interviewer You’re a dance student, aren’t you, Ella? What kind of dance do you study and why?

Ella I’m training as a ballet dancer, but I also study music. I love the movement of dance combined with the music. When a ballet is performed, the music plays such an important role. Some of the great classical composers wrote wonderful music just for dance.

i What kind of dance career do you hope to have in the future?

e I would like to work in a small, modern company where new combinations of dance and music are created. And I would like to choreograph ballets as well as perform them.


Interviewer Zak, you study at a school for the performing arts. What kind of career would you like?

Zak Well, I can’t choose between acting and singing, but fortunately musicals are back in fashion now. And now they are being produced by big film studios. Many Hollywood stars can act and sing. Look at Meryl Streep. She’s an Oscar winning actor. But she also sings wonderfully in Mamma Mia!, a musical based on ABBA songs.

i But what if you don’t make it big in Hollywood films?

Z Well, in Britain and America there is a strong theatre tradition. You have Broadway in New York and the West End in London, where musicals are performed every night of the year. I would love to appear in one of those musicals.


Interviewer Mandy, you study music at university. What exactly?

Mandy specialised subject is singing. I study opera and operatic composers mainly, but we also look at other areas of singing – traditional folk music and tribal singing. Singing is seen as the oldest art form. And I also sing, of course!

i What sort of singing do you do?

m I sing in two choirs – a huge church choir and a small jazz choir. And I also sing in the evenings at a restaurant near the university, where I’m very well-paid. It helps me pay university fees, and it’s good practice for me.

i What would you like to do in the future?

m I don’t mind, as long as it’s some form of singing. One day, I’d also like to compose own songs.

Extra exercises

1. Complete the sentences with the verbs below.

appeared in      carves      composes      creates

paints      performs      plays      writes

1) The actor Eddie Redmayne ________. Stephen Hawking in the film The Theory of Everything.

2) The American artist Brian Ruth ________. massive sculptures out of wood with a chainsaw.

3) The author JK Rowling ________. books for adults as well as children’s stories.

4) Although he’s still a child, Kieron Williamson ________. amazing pictures.

5) The singer Rihanna ________. in concerts all over the world.

6) Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence have ________. three films together.

7) The Italian musician Ennio Morricone ________. music for television series as well as films.

8) The sculptor Alonzo Clemons ________. incredibly realistic animal sculptures out of clay.

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1) plays   2) carves   3) writes   4) paints   5) performs

6) appeared in   7) composes   8) creates

2. Complete the definitions with art forms.

1) A ________. is a piece of creative writing arranged in short lines, often about emotions.

2) A ________. is a funny drawing in a newspaper or magazine.

3) A ________. is a piece of writing performed by actors usually in the theatre.

4) A ________. is a figure or an object made out of stone, metal, or some other hard material.

5) A ________. is a book that tells a story about people who are not real.

6) _____. is a form of acting that uses body movements and facial expressions, not words.

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1) poem   2) cartoon   3) play   4) sculpture

5) novel   6) mime

3. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in bold.

1) Although Jane Austen only wrote six novels , she is an internationally recognised ________.

2) The name of the Norwegian ________. who painted The Scream is Edvard Munch.

3) The most successful play written by the Irish ________. George Bernard Shaw is Pysmalion.

4) The Colombian ________. Fernando Botero is famous for his sculptures of large people and animals.

5) The Divine Comedy is a poem written by the Italian ________. Dante Alighieri.

6) The ________. Wagner composed both the words and the music for his opera The Ring of the Nibelung.

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1) novelist   2) painter   3) playwright   4) sculptor

5) poet   6) composer