English Vocabulary Exercises for B1 – On the phone

1. Complete the dialogue extracts with the correct form of the verbs below.

disable      enter      make      save      send      text      top up

A   Ben

I went abroad last month to Italy. I 1) _________ mobile before I left with €40. I didn’t 2) _________ data roaming while I was away, and I 3) _________ lots of calls. I checked balance when I got back and found I’d been charged €30!

B   Emma

I’ll 4) _________ you a text and you can 5) _________ number to your phone book. Then, when you want to ring or 6) _________ me, you won’t have to 7) _________ the number.

call      leave      listen to      lose      put      put      recharge

C   Ryan

I phoned Tom, but he must have 8) _________ his phone on silent, so he didn’t answer. I 9) _________ a message, so hopefully he’ll 10) _________ his voicemail later.

D   Zoe

Hi, Sally, we’re on the train. I’ve 11) _________ the phone on loudspeaker so that Mike can speak to you too ___ No, it won’t annoy the other passengers! ___ Oh, the train is about to go into a tunnel and I think we’ll 12) _________ the signal ___ Can you hear me? ___ OK, listen, I’m running out of charge too, I need to 13) _________ the battery. I’ll hang up now and 14) _________ you later ___ Bye.

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1) topped up   2) disable   3) made   4) send   5) save

6) text   7) enter   8) put   9) left   10) listen to   11) put

12) lose   13) recharge   14) call

2. Complete the sentences with phrasal verbs.

1) Oh, no! phone has r____________ charge! Can I borrow your charger?

2) ‘Did you speak to Jack?’ ‘No. I phoned him, and his mobile rang for ages, but he didn’t p_________.’

3) Announcement on a plane: ‘Would all passengers please s_________ all mobile devices and computers.’

4) Can you please s_________? I can’t hear you very well. You are b_________ because the signal isn’t very strong.

5) I rang dad’s office and spoke to the receptionist, but I didn’t g_________ to dad.

6) Message on an answerphone: ‘Can you c_____ me _____ when you get this message? number is 01548 956711.’

7) Recorded announcement: ‘The number you have dialled does not exist. Please h_________ and dial again.’

8) Message on an answerphone: ‘Hi, Neil. I’ve been trying to call you all morning. Can you g_________ to me on 01548 190684?’

9) ‘Why did you hang up during the call?’ I didn’t hang up. We were c_________.’

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1) run out of   2) pick up   3) switch off

4) speak up, breaking up   5) get through

6) call, back   7) hang up   8) get back   9) cut off

3. Listen and circle the correct answers.

Dialogue 1

Which of these sentences is a fact, not an opinion?

a Alex returned the charger to Jane.

b Alex borrows Jane’s charger very frequently.

c Alex was the last person to use Jane’s charger.

Dialogue 2

Daniel was cross because

a of something Sally said.

b Sally didn’t return his call.

c he’s too busy to go to the cinema.

Dialogue 3

Lucy’s mum needs help with

a recharging her phone.

b saving a number to her phone book.

c understanding warning messages.

Show answers

1) a   2) b   3) b



Holly What are you doing, Sam?

Sam I’m just saving some numbers to phone book.

h Miss Brown will be cross if she sees you.

s She isn’t here right now, is she? And I’m not making a call or sending a text, am I? I can’t get a signal here anyway.

h I can.

s Really? I have to go outside, in the playground.

h Watch out. Here’s Miss Brown now. ___ Teacher Whose phone is that?

s Mine, Miss. Sorry, Miss.

Switch it off. You know you aren’t allowed to use phones in school.

s Not even in the corridor, Miss?

Not even in the corridor. Now, come on everybody, into the classroom, please.

h You should’ve put it on silent!


Hi, Sally. It’s me, Daniel. Listen, I’m sorry about yesterday. I didn’t mean to cut you off. I wasn’t angry – well, I was a bit angry, but not because of what you said on the phone. It’s just that I’d left you a message about tomorrow evening – you know the film we were planning to go and see. And you didn’t get back to me, so we can’t go now because the tickets have all sold out. And I’m busy for the rest of the week, so it was only chance. Anyway, I’m sorry, and let’s fix something up for next weekend? OK? Bye now.


Mum You’re good with gadgets, aren’t you, Lucy? Can you help me with something?

Lucy Sure, Mum. What are you trying to do?

m Well, your grandad has sent me a text, and I want to be able to call him without dialling the number.

l The easiest thing would be to add his number to your contacts list.

m How do I do that?

l Select the message. Tap on this icon. ___ That’s right.

m Oh. The phone’s gone dead. What’s happened?

l Looks like the battery’s run out of charge. Didn’t you get a warning message about it?

m I got a message about ten minutes ago, but I didn’t read it.

l Plug it into the charger. You put the lead in the small hole at —

m Yes, I know how to recharge phone. I’m not that useless.

l OK, now it’s coming back on. So, tap the icon I showed you, then tap on ‘Save contact to address book’. Then you can type in Grandad’s name and save it.

m OK, thanks. I think I can manage now.

4. Complete the sentences with the verbs below.

add      enable      leave      lose      make      put      recharge      top up

1) Can I use your phone, please? I need to ____________ a call.

2) We’re supposed to ____________ our phones on silent when we’re in class.

3) You’ll have to ____________ data roaming if you want to make calls from abroad.

4) Tell me your number and I’ll ____________ it to contacts list.

5) I need to ____________ phone because I haven’t got much credit left.

6) Sam’s not here. Would you like to ____________ a message?

7) battery has run out. Where can I ____________ phone?

8) This village is very remote, so you might ____________ the signal.

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1) make   2) put   3) enable   4) add   5) top up

6) leave   7) recharge   8) lose

5. Replace the underlined words with the correct form of the phrasal verbs below.

break up      call back      cut off      get through to

hang up      pick up      run out of      speak up

1) I’ve been trying all day, but I can’t establish contact with the hospital. ____________

2) Sorry I didn’t answer the phone, but I was driving. ____________

3) Can you talk more loudly? I can’t hear you. ____________

4) I can’t talk now, but I’ll phone again later. ____________

5) I didn’t end the call until they had answered all questions. ____________

6) Tell me if I start to become difficult to understand and I’ll go outside. ____________

7) The signal is quite bad here, so we might get interrupted. ____________

8) You won’t be able to use your phone if you have no more credit. ____________

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1) get through to   2) pick up   3) speak up   4) call back

5) hang up   6) break up   7) cut off   8) run out of