English Speaking Exercises for B1 – Stimulus-based discussion

1. Complete the words with a, e, i, o and u. Then match them with the diagrams (A-L).

1) k__rt__ng

2) k__y__k__ng

3) __bs__l__ng

4) cl__mb__ng

5) sn__wb__rd__ng

6) s__rf__ng

7) b__ng__ j__mp__ng

8) b__dyb__rd__ng

9) p__rk__r

10) h__ng-gl__d__ng

11) h__k__ng

12) m__nt__n b__k__ng


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1) karting, G   2) kayaking, H   3) abseiling,   A 4) climbing, D

5) snowboarding, K   6) surfing, L   7) bungee jumpping, C

8) bodyboarding, B   9) parkour, J

10) hang-gliding, E   11) hiking, F   12) mountain biking, I

2. Write four sentences using the phrases below and activities from exercise 1.

I like the idea of ___ I think ___ would be (fun).

I’m quite keen on ___ I quite fancy ___

1) _________

2) _____

3) _________

4) _________

You are planning a day out with friends on your birthday. Discuss with your friend what you are going to do. Give reasons for your opinions. Agree on an activity.

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3. Read the task above. Then listen to two students doing the task. Answer the questions.

1) Why does the girl want to go bodyboarding?


2) Why doesn’t the boy want to go bodyboarding?


3) Why does the girl prefer parkour to abseiling?


4) In the end, they agree to ________

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1) She’s never done it before and she’d really like to try it.

2) Some of his friends don’t have bodyboards.

3) You don’t need any equipment.

4) go climbing.


See exercise 3.

Speaking Strategy

When you have to reach an agreement, be sure to use a range of phrases for expressing preferences, raising objections and coming to an agreement.

4. Read the Speaking Strategy. Complete the sentences. Then listen again and check.

1) I’m ________. ________. on bodyboarding.

2) Sorry, but I don’t ________. that’s a very ________. ________.

3) I ________. ________. trying that.

4) I think parkour is a ________. ________. than abseiling.

5) Yes, I ________.

6) _____. ________. ________. on climbing, then?

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1) quite keen   2) think, good idea   3) quite fancy

4) better option   5) agree   6) can we agree


a It’s birthday on Saturday. I’d like to go out for the day with you and a group of our friends. What do you think we should do?

b Well, I’m quite keen on body boarding. I’ve never done it before and I’d really like to try it.

a Sorry, but I don’t think that’s a very good idea. Some of friends don’t have body boards. What about abseiling? I quite fancy trying that.

b I think parkour is a better option than abseiling because you don’t need any equipment.

a Oh, no. I really don’t want to do parkour. It doesn’t appeal to me at all.

b Well, how about climbing or karting?

a I don’t think karting would be as much fun as climbing. And there’s a new indoor climbing centre near the school. It would be good to try it.

b Yes, I agree.

a Can we agree on climbing, then?

b Yes.

5. You are going to do the task in exercise 3. Make notes about which two activities you would like to do and why.

Which activities would you choose? Why?





Which activities would you not like to do? Why?





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6. Now do the speaking task. Use your notes from exercise 5.

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Extra exercises


Before you start, look at the photos carefully and think about what they show. Think about where they were taken, who is in them, how the people are feeling, what they are doing now and what they might have been doing before.

1. Read the Strategy. Then think of three words to describe each of the items in the list below.


–  age

–  build and height

–  feelings

–  general impression


–  age

–  furniture

–  lighting

–  general impression

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2. Photos A and B show people eating out. Compare and contrast them. Include the following points:

–  your general impression of each place

–  what the people are doing now

–  what they have been doing before


3. You and your partner want to eat lunch out. Discuss the pros and cons of the two places (A and B) and come to an agreement.

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