English Speaking Exercises for B1 – Photo comparison

1. Label the icons with the school subjects below.

art      drama      geography      I.C.T.      maths      music      P.E.      science


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1) drama   2) music   3) science   4) I.C.T   5) P.E.   6) art

7) geography   8) maths

2. Look at the photo and the questions below. Complete the answer with your own ideas.


1) Where are the students?

  They might be ________

2) What is the boy with the headset doing?

      He could be ________

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Speaking Strategy

When you have to compare and contrast photos, try to find at least two things the photos have in common and at least two differences. Learn some key phrases for expressing these similarities and differences.

3. Read the Speaking Strategy. Then complete the phrases with the words below.

kind      rather      theme      unlike      whereas

1) The common ____________ in the photos is ___

2) Both photos show a ___ of some ____________

3) In the first photo, ___ , ____________ in the second photo ___

4) _______ the second photo, the first photo shows / does not show ___

5) In the second photo, they’re ___ (-ing) ____________ than ___ (-ing).

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1) theme   2) kind   3) whereas   4) Unlike   5) rather

4. Listen to a student comparing photos A and B. Tick the phrases in exercise 3 which he uses.

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1, 3, 4


The common theme in the photos is education. In particular, they show the use of technology in education. In the first photo, the students are using virtual reality headsets, whereas in the second photo, they’re using tablets. Unlike the second photo, the first photo does not show the teacher, but he or she is probably in the room somewhere. In the second photo, the teacher is on a screen. He could be in another city or country. It looks as if the students are able to interact with the teacher, because one of the boys has his hand up.


Photos C and D show students in lessons. Compare and contrast the photos. Include the following points:

–  the differences between primary and secondary school lessons.

–  how technology can help students learn.

5. Look at photos C and D above and read the task. Prepare your answer. Use the questions to help you.

1) Which photo shows secondary students? Are they working alone or with a teacher?


2) How are the students in each class using technology? How do you use it at your school?


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6. Now do the speaking task comparing photos C and D. Use your notes from exercise 5.

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