English Speaking Exercises for B1 – Photo comparison and role-play

1. Look at photos A and B. What types of show are they? Match them with two of types of show below.


an art exhibition      a circus      a classical concert

a comedy club      a magic show      a musical

an open-air theatre      a piano recital

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a a classical concert   b a circus

You are staying with an English friend and his family who have offered to take you to a show. Discuss with your friend which show is more appealing. Explain why you would choose one show and not the other.

2. Read the task. Then complete the sentences in your own words to compare the photos in exercise 1. Write one additional sentence to say which show you think is more appealing.

1) Both photos show ________________

2) Whereas photo B shows acrobats, photo A ________.

3) Unlike photo A, in photo B the audience are sitting __________________

4) _____.

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Speaking Strategy 1

Try to use a variety of expressions instead of repeating the same common verbs too often. For example, make sure you know several different ways of saying I like /I don’t like.

3. Read Speaking Strategy 1. Then complete the phrases with the words below.

absolutely      do      fan      keen      much      quite       stand      thing

1) I’m (not) a big ________. of ___

2) I’m ________. into ___ / I’m not really into ___

3) I’m really / I’ve never been that ________. on ___

4) I ________. love ___

5) I really can’t ________. ___

6) I enjoy ___ very ________.

7) ___ is not really ________.

8) ___ doesn’t ________. anything for me.

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1) fan   2) quite   3) keen   4) absolutely   5) stand

6) much   7) thing   8) do

4. Read Speaking Strategy 2. Complete the phrases with the words below.

afraid      be      frank      I’m      say

Speaking Strategy 2

We often use one of the phrases below to introduce a preference, particularly when it is negative.

I’m 1) _____. ___ I must 2) _____. ___

To be 3) _____. ___ If 4) _____. honest, ___

To 5) _____. blunt, ___ Personally, ___

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1) afraid   2) say   3) frank   4) I’m   5) be

5. Write two sentences about something you dislike (a type of music, sport, show, etc.). Use one phrase from exercise 3 and one phrase from Speaking Strategy 2.

1) _____

2) _____

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6. You are going to do the task in exercise 2. Look at photos C and D below.


Your choice: c   d

Why this one? ________. 

Why not the other? __________________

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7. Now do the speaking task comparing photos C and D. Use your notes from exercises 5 and 6.

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