English Speaking Exercises for B1 – Photo comparison and discussion


Compare and contrast the photos of holiday accommodation. Say which you would prefer to stay in and why.

1. Read the task above. Then listen to a student doing the task comparing photos A and B. Which house did he choose?

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Both photos show houses. The house in photo B is in a fantastic place with lovely views down to the beach. The house in photo A is right by the beach. The house in B stands on its own, whereas the house in A is too close to other houses, so there wouldn’t be much privacy. The house in photo B is much bigger than the house in photo A. The house in A doesn’t look very spacious – it isn’t much bigger than a bungalow.

I think I’d rather stay in the house photo B. One reason is that I’m a keen wind-surfer and the beach looks ideal for that. Finally, I much prefer older houses, as they are generally cosier and more charming. The house in A looks a bit boring to me.

Speaking Strategy

Learn phrases that create time for you to formulate opinions. They will also make you sound more fluent.

2. Read the Speaking Strategy. Then match 1-7 with a-g to make phrases for gaining time.

1) Actually, now I

2) All things

3) What

4) Let me

5) That’s a good point.

6) Thinking

7) I suppose

a What I’d say to that is ___

b else?

c considered, ___

d come to think about it, ___

e the thing is, ___

f see.

g about it, ___

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1) d   2) c   3) b   4) f   5) a   6) g   7) e

3. You are going to do the task in exercise 1 about photos C and D. Make notes.


Photo C __________________ 

Photo D __________________ 

Your choice: c   d   Why? ________.

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4. Now do the task in exercise 1, comparing and contrasting photos C and D.

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5. Read the task below. Write notes for your answers.

You are going to spend a week on holiday with friends. You can choose any of the four types of accommodation in the photos. Talk to your friend and agree on where you want to go. Discuss these points:

–  location

–  cost

–  travel

–  holiday activities

1) location __________________

2) cost ________

3) travel ________

4) holiday activities ________

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6. Now do the speaking task. Use your notes from exercise 5 and phrases from exercise 2.

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Extra exercises


Remember to ask questions, make suggestions and agree or disagree with your partner during a role-play.

1. Read the Strategy. Then look at the role-play card and complete the dialogue with the words below.

Student A

You and your partner don’t like the living room in your flat. Suggest three changes you could make to the decoration.

could      good      keen      should      sure      would

a What do you think we 1) _____. do?

b We 2) _____. paint the walls white.

a I think yellow 3) _____. be better.

b I’m not 4) _____. I’m not very 5) _____. on yellow.

a How about cream?

b That’s a 6) _____. idea.

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1) should   2) could   3) would   4) sure   5) keen   6) good

2. Read the role-play cards and decide who is Student A and who is Student B and role-play the discussion.

Student A

You and your partner want to get fit. Discuss different kinds of exercise. Suggest jogging in the park tomorrow morning.

Student B

You and your partner want to get fit. Discuss different kinds of exercise. Suggest going swimming tomorrow evening.

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